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  • I have sent your request to Fiona, Bob and she will tell you where is the best place to post your request. Recruitment sounds the most logical but we do want maximum exposure if we can get it. Hoping you are both well and busy. I wish you a good show. xx
    Another crackin good post, bob. These crazy posts by some others really does have me wondering what peoples' motivation really is in writing them. X
    i will be at olympia on monday. im not working this year as lechat are not exhibiting until excell in the spring. it will be strange to attend as a visitor for a change. on tuesday and wednesday i will be attending the course given by catherine wong and viv simmonds at a nearby hotel. i'm staying at the kensington hilton.
    i had the best time in ukraine. kiev is the most breathtaking city i have ever been fortunate enough to visit. even the underground stations are like cathederals ! i dont think i would have been able to meet though as my schedule was really tight, its different when its a work trip, you cant really call the shots like you could on holiday time.
    i hope you and irinas success continues.
    anyway, i wanted to say that i agree with your post on the nail art/ nss issue. wanted to give you rep points but i cant until i have given some out to others first.

    oh, and btw, when you reply to messages on the profile page,you have to click onto the page of the sender and leave the text there or they wont be notified of your reply.i only found that message by chance ! hth.
    Hi Susan! Just read your message. Wish I'd seen this sooner because we're in Kiev now (July 12)! We fly home tomorrow. Unfortunately we are busy today in the photo studio and then seeing Iryna's parents, otherwise I'd suggest we meet if you are still here.

    Hope you had a good time!
    bob just to let you know i will be in and around the YN booth at Vegas should you like to pop by and say hello. it is a pity Orlando isnt 10 days later as I will be in Orlando then
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