Engineer and business owner, married to Iryna who was one of the first Russian-style Nail Artists in Europe. Her background as a Chemist and Biologist, and experience working for a government health laboratory, means that we are passionate about producing low allergy risk products, and helping NT to protect their health.

Because of Iryna, I've had the chance to travel to many countries where she has been invited to educate or judge competitions. It's been a real joy for both of us to meet so many Nail Techs, hear their experiences, see their work and gain many new friends.

We support the industry through sponsoring and judging at competition, and share our knowledge through social media and writing articles for magazines.
Sweden / Germany / UK
Business name
IKON.iQ Nails International
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Products or services sold
IKON.iQ Nails is a Swedish developer and manufacturer of award-winning professional nail products that have been designed for both high performance AND health.
IKON.IQ Nails UK Ltd is our UK based subsidiary.
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