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    Cat eye gel polish

    BTW - all of these effects gels and gel polishes were first developed in China.
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    Cat eye gel polish

    Does it not occur to anyone why companies like CND, OPI, NSI, Light Elegance - all who employ chemists to develop their own products - don't sell cats eye, colour changing and spider effect gels or gel polishes? That's because each of these contain illegal cosmetic ingredients. And don't...
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    Gel nail brands and lamp

    Using the incorrect UV lamp is now thought to be one of the main causes of the big increase in nail product allergies. Here is some info that can help you to avoid allergies:
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    UV lamps explained - (why any old lamp just won’t do!)

    To ensure that a specific UV lamp correctly cures a gel or gel polish, requires testing by a chemist in a laboratory. There are three different tests that can be done - it is the chemists personal preference which they use. But all require specialist equipment. A company that can afford to...
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    Need a new gel system, help!

    LCN announced two weeks ago that they had purchased Alessandro. Alessandro together with Catherine and LCN, were the original gel nail product brands in Germany. This, the closure of BCI and the closure of MaHa in Germany last year (CND distributor), may be an indication that the lower cost...
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    Cost per service?

    Put a sticky label on the product and write the date it was new. Each time you use, mark it. When it is empty count the marks. Price / marks = cost per service for that product.
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    Bulk buying nail files, toe separators and pedi slippers?

    There are nail file factories in other countries apart from China. What are you looking for - one-time use or long-lasting nail files? What quantity are you looking for? Best to send me a PM so I receive an email.
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    Can you store gel nail polish on its side?

    The top of the brush serves two purposes. The top section snaps into the cap to hold the brush in place, while the lower section forms a seal with the top of the bottle. Therefore if the brush has been correctly matched to the cap, the bottle should not leak in any position.
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    No soak gel?

    Some soak-off gels are available to create long extensions - but they are rare.
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    Gel range without nasties!

    No such thing as "low chemical". All gel polishes are vegan. All cosmetic product sold in Europe have to confirm to the EU Cosmetic Regulations and can only use ingredients that are considered safe by a team of scientific experts. This is not to say that all companies follow the rules, but it is...
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    Best soak off gel for enhancements?

    The best reason to use a soak-off sculpting gel for for clients who don't want their nails filed, especially by an e-file. These are the typical clients who go to Bio Sculpture and Calgel salons, and are willing to pay more. So I'd use it as an additional service to target those clients. I would...
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    Best soak off gel for enhancements?

    EVOLUTION soak-off hypoallergenic gel This is a pro-only brand and it is necessary to upload your NT certificate during registration to see prices.
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    Nail business name ideas

    Unless you are planning to open a chain of nail salons, keep it simple as the name doesn't matter too much. Jodies Nail Salon has a personal element and allows you to explain why you are passionate about nails and will provide a unique service. It is much more important how well you provide the...
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    Best acrylic and gel?

    The problem Tilla, is that everyone has their favourite - which is largely what they trained with. In the UK the main brands are probably CND, NSI, OPI, Harmony.
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    Best acrylic and gel?

    There is no "best". There are professional quality products developed by serious brands and "me-too" standard products from factories made to look different with packaging. To some extent what you will appreciate will depend on your level of skill. It is much easier to find a reliable salon...