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    Acrylic brush with lid?

    Caps are metal. The black part on the handle is plastic and is attached to the ferrule and a cap holder to make the handle. These were Vicki Peter's favourites :-) I should also mention that the cap is covered in a soft touch kind of rubber. It is easier and nicer to hold than just metal.
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    Acrylic brush with lid?

    All of these have a handle that is also used as a lid.
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    Nail dust extractor fan options

    It really isn't worth buying a table top dust filter. As Beautiful-you recommended, better to wait and buy a Vodex -. they have part payment plans now too. In the meantime, if you want to avoid breathing visible and invisible dust, these are a good option:
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    Acrylics as a mobile nail tech?

    Rather that acrylics, why not consider an acrylgel? This is a relatively new material that is a kind of cross between acrylic and gel. It applies like a pre-mixed acrylic, has no monomer fumes, and cures in a UV lamp. It is stronger than gel and is good also for customers who are hard on their...
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    Alternative to acetone to remove gel nails 93% Acetone
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    CND UV light for The Gel Bottle Inc colors?

    If soak-off times are important to you, several customers have mentioned that PRIMA soaks-off in a similar time to Shellac. You can see their comments in our FB group.
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    CND UV light for The Gel Bottle Inc colors?

    As far as I know, the CND LED lamp produces UV with a 365nm wavelength. Most gel polishes, require UV light with a 405nm wavelength, so under curing is a real possibility. If budget is the issue, my company IKON.IQ Nails offers a free LED/UV lamp (both 365nm and 405nm LEDs) when you spend £180...
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    Nail designs on Gelish soak off

    Most acrylic paints are designed for art shops and not legal cosmetic products. Better today to use a gel paint or a gel polish that is pigmented enough for nail art.
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    Confused, gel polish brand for newbie - help!

    Thanks Beautiful-you and Ch-ela for mentioning the IKON.IQ PRIMA gel polishes. We launched this new range at Olympia Beauty last year with 45 colours, and now have 102 colours with more due for release in June. Each colour takes up to 3 days to colour match the pigments to our target colour, so...
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    Photographing nails?

    Different household lights produce light in different colour temperatures. Some are warm, others neutral or cold. Warm colours have more yellow and cold has more blue. That effects the colours in the photographs and is why professional photographers use neutral lights. Some semi-pro cameras...
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    Becoming a distributor?

    We're a nail product manufacturer with distributors in several countries. Lynne describes it really well. What I would add is that while some manufacturers specify an amount of stock that's required, others are more flexible. Also that the amount of stock required also depends on the delivery...
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    Brushes falling apart

    Attach one of these to your table lamp frame and insert the brush so the hair points to the table.
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    Bleeding nail bed

    If you sanitise your bits, and sanitised your clients hands, there probably won't be an infection. I wouldn't lose sleep over this. If she was aware of your mistake, give her a call in a few days, and check that she has no pain. Most customers understand mistakes happen, but it is how you deal...
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    For a standard service try to get your times down to around 1.5 hours. The longer you take, the less £/per hour you make - unless you are making a complicated nail art design and charge the client by the actual time it takes. After prep, try avoiding conversation and focus on your work. Break...
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    What to wear?

    We use high neck, surgical cotton aprons that we had made for us. You can wash at 90°C, there is a big kangaroo pocket in the front and they last for years. Being white they don't show the dust.