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  • thankyou for the comments.my nail is done with brush on white gel as im not that good at pink and white l&p yet so i hope i am able to do them as good as you soon.xx
    how old is your baby. Just seen the photos. Soooo cute :)
    Getting to you is no problem. I'll give you a shout at the end of next week and see what we can sort out
    Hi sorry haven't been back in touch sooner but have been ill for the past week. Thats all fine. I'm busy catching up with work over the next week and half but after am free so give me a shout and we can sort something out
    Aah right, i've had a look on a map and its quite far away from me. Think what I'll have to do is do a short course and then practice practice practice. I can't find anywhere local that does it over a few months :-(
    Hi, that sounds great. What do you do?? I recently did a UV acrylic Nail course and need people to practice on so if you are interested give me a shout :)
    Hey thanks for replying to my post - I notice you are in burnley which college did you go to? My local doesn't do waxing separately. I've got a proper bee in my bonnet about doing waxing! x
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