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    Where (ONLINE) do you buy your supplies?

    This is one of the reasons that I don't come on here as often as I used to. I'm tired of the 'holyer than though' philosophy that keeps coming up here in posts. For gods sake we are all still training, learning and aspiring to some point AND we all have to start somewhere. I personally find...
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    Am I doing something wrong?? (NSI Technail)

    Hi, I do most of my nails with the coloured Technail kit. I don't mix them with any other powder and use Attraction liquid. If you need any help, let me know. Claire x
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    Tanning Injections

    All I know about these is that they haven't even been tested and as such, are not classed as safe. That for me is reason enough not to even bother. Claire x
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    Acrylic glitters

    Hi, I've been using fine body glitters that I bought from the Professional Beauty show at Manchester. They are a lot cheaper and there are some gorgeous colours. Other than that, just buy some from your local stationery store. I've also bought them in poundland. Claire x
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    Is anyone else an 'older' apprentice?

    Ha ha, I'm in the exact same boat as you. Have just started my training this month. Good luck, Claire xx
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    Balmain Hair Extension course

    Hi, I'm a fully qualified Beauty/Holistic Therapist and have finally taken the plunge and am now learning NVQ L1 Hairdressing at College. We have been given the opportunity to do a 1 day Balmain hair extension course next month and the college will pay for the tuition and you pay for the kit...
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    Trade testing/interviewing nail techs-what's acceptable

    What are you advertising? Are you specifying that you want a tech with ?? years salon experience or just that you want a nail technician? What about advertising in your local college for somebody who is just coming to the end of their training. You can then guide them into achieving the...
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    Thanks for the lovely comment about my lil angel. She's even lovlier in the flesh, but I am...

    Thanks for the lovely comment about my lil angel. She's even lovlier in the flesh, but I am biased lol. x
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    Bloke sat on my bed while I was in the shower

    FFS you're not even safe in your own home any more and I bet this is what gets you the most. I'd have a word with the neighbour as well so they know what sort of a weirdo they're letting in the building. Wow, hope you're ok, take care. Claire x
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    Rio nail extensions!!!! On tv

    Yes, but when they've ruined their own nails, aren't they going to think that all products will do the same thing? It should be banned, full stop. Self blending of tips?? 'The chemical smell from salon nails is awful, but you won't get this with Rio!' Thats what one of the presenters said...
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    Rio nail extensions!!!! On tv

    OMFG. I am watching some stupid women on tv, selling Rio Professional Quick Dip Acrylics and they'll give you 'salon quality extensions' without the salon price!!! Apparently they are sooo easy to do and us nail professionals are getting very worried because this fantastic product is on the...