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  • I have this problem with 2 clients, but only on 2 or 3 fingers each. I have no idea why as all my applications and soak offs are the same.
    One lady is menopausal, the other has many health issues (diabetes, heart condition, thyroid condition) I don't know if either ladies health is related to the dehydration? It seems to go once gel application is complete, but it looks terrible on the naked nail.
    Still haven't had a chance to try the acrylic paints, lol!
    I love the decals, just ensure you pat the excess water off well before applying, I put then into the sticky layer and press in gently with a bit of clear on a brush smoothing out the edges etc, then cure, put on a layer of sealer cure then finish with S Gel, I find they last perfectly :)
    Hi again.I hope your acrylic painting is going ok.I am thinking of buying some decal paper and printing my own decals but have read that they dont always last that well.I noticed that you have used decals and wondered if you had any advice on using them.Do you find they last ok ? Thanks xx
    Thanks so much for your reply and help!
    I might get my mum to be a guinea pig for be before I unleash on my clients :)
    Hi Bodywyze, just wondering if you have tried using acrylic paint for nail art with Bio. I'd love to try it, as I've had a few requests for quite detailed art which the gel just struggles to do, and I wondered if you knew if the acrylic paint was compatible?
    Hi yes I would recommend orly fx we find it popular.It works well along side bio.I usually start by recommending the orly to the client as it is cheaper for them and see how long it lasts it is meant to last 10 to 14 days but some people can get longer.If they can get 3 weeks out of it then we stick to orly.If they have weaker peeling nails they may not get as long so then we would then use bio or if they need extensions or have ridged nails bio would be better.I cant tell you about edge nailfx im afraid as I haven't heard of it. Hope that helps xx Oh and the orly led lamp works great with bio too !
    Hi I noticed you use the orly gel fx? I am looking at getting a gel polish in as well as the bio gel. Is the orly gel fx good? I have been told about edge nailfx have you heard of that one at all? Or used it? Would like a bit of feedback on them before I make my mind up!! Xx
    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me advice on my 'bumpy silk' thread on the Bio help group. I put your tips to the test on a client a few days ago in which I use the silk and they turned out perfect. No bumps or anything. Thank you xx
    Thanks for your reply.Glad it works well for you. So you use an orly led lamp for the bio led cureable gels? interseting as I have not yet invested in the bio led lamp. I'm at such a crossroads with my business I dont know if Im coming or going! I basically have a part time job and do my nails of an evening and 2 mornings a week. But Im out till 10pm every week night trying to fit everyone in and a removal and new set is taking me 2 hours-been doing it for 6 months. I am now full which is great but in order to get business I had to go in quite cheap and now is the realisation that Im working all hours for v little. Gonna be hard to get my exisiting customers to change from bio but thought going forward for newbies I could offer an alternative. Guess Orly is more a quick fix ie, special occassion nails, where's Bio is more an ongoing service? xxxxxxx
    Hi there
    Just seen an old thread u responded on re orly gel fx. Currently I use just bio as mobile nail tech, wondered how u find the two systems as an offering? Did ur bio clients change to orly? Does it work out cheaper? I want to put my bio up quite a bit as I only seem to be making £15 a set for almost 2 hrs work, so thought I could introduce orly at my current bio price then up the bio. Any advice would be great thanks xxx
    Well 2 hours 45 isn't so bad for your first time. I know it really is tricky. What I've started doing is doing it as a feature finger on each hand. I haven't done many but to do a full set straight off would be torture. You are a more patient woman than I. I am based in London and am freelance so I think I'll save it for Artwork or session work.
    Business is OK here. I have a lot of competition in the form of Nail Bars now, that I did not have until recently. They are springing up all over. Thanks to Artistic Colour Gloss I was able to promote and pick up a load of clients who wouldn't have a normal soak off gel nor did they use nail varnish. This has really helped my business.
    By the way my site is Avril Robson - mobile nail technician If you are on Facebook I'd love it if you would seek me out. I am on there quite often. I'm just going to look at your album now so I may have more questions if you don't mind.
    Hi there!
    I've just looked at your reply. Thank you for it. I only got your second one if it is any help. You can't be as hopeless at working out how these social sites function as I am. I hope that your full set of mimic mesh went well and that you were not giving up the will to live by the end of it. I am now inspired by you to keep at it. How is business generally? What are you doing mostly? x
    Hi Avril, i struggled with it at first too! I was not using enough mesh to wrap around all the finger so it wouldnt stay in the wet gel and i kept getting parts of the pattern missing. Once i started using more mesh it worked great. I think its just takes a little practice to get it right so dont give up its worth it when you get it right!! :))
    I have my first full set booked in a week on Saturday nervous but excited too! If it goes well will post a pic. Not sure how long it will take so have booked out 2.5 hours !! Will report back and let you know how it goes.x
    Hi Bodywyze i purchased my Mimic Mesh when I did a nail art course at Bio Sculpture and since then have never used it. I've got it in my head that it's a real hassle but looking at your pictures and reading your advice on it's use to Passionata I am inspired to get it out of the bag and give it another go. How long does it take you to do a couple of nails? Have you ever done the whole hand? Avril
    Hi littlevaughan , thanks for the lovely comments. I have tried different methods but my prefered method is dusting it onto the tacky layer. After i have applied my base layer i dual cleanse and v lightly buff the nail then apply a thin coat of gel which is as close to the colour glitter as i can get. I apply this where i want the glitter to stick, cure then use a makeup brush to dust on the glitter. Pat glitter gently with your finger then apply a thin layer of sealer gel to the glitter only, cure then apply sealer over the whole of the nail to finish You could also add a coat of uv if desired.
    Hope that helps xx
    Hi Hun

    Love what u do with the glitter nails . I use bio as well but wanting to get some tips on how to do the glitter ones , be lovely if u could give me some hints and tips with the way you do theses

    Many thanks xx
    Hi Passionista thankyou for your lovely comments :) The snakeskin effect is done using the mimic mesh you can buy from Bio Sculpture. It comes with instructions but if you google bio sculpture mimic mesh you should find a link to nails magazine. There is a step by step on the false snakeskin effect with photos of each step. I found it really useful. Have you tried real snakeskin?? i tried it and it looked great but it started to peel at the sides really quickly :'(.
    The pink and black design was from a picture my client brought in. The pink is a custom mix using white and a little of the bright pink ( think it was 2016 ) i applied it like a french then used black acrylic paint and a dotting tool/ nail art brush to do the design then seal with uv. The gems were set in the top coatt gel then the uv goes over the top. The black design could be better i think i need a better brush just not sure which is the best one to get!! Hope that helps x
    Me again... Just love your work. Would like to know how you did the pink and black french as well - if I may.
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