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  • Hi Bohemianbeauty - I saw a message about you opening a new business a while ago - hopefully that is going well for you - I just watned to pass along to you that I am from NY and I am a independent distributor. I would be able to pass along a cosmetic line and some other products that you may possibly would be interested in. please let me know if this interests you at all. I would be able to provide you these at cost.
    cant reply by pm hun, so this is my reply that i was trying to send you.
    HI hunni,
    You are welcome.
    What forms are you using? I found the horseshoeforms to be crap. I really love my forms from CND they hold there shape really well and are relativly easy to apply and are super sticky!!
    I dont mind the rectangle shaped forms but CND are the best that I have tried.
    When placing the form make sure that you get a good c curve and that they are fitted nice and snug under the free edge with no gaps.
    An hour to do the nails is a bit quick hun, I have been doing nails for 2 years now and I am lucky if i get mine done inc art in under and hour and a half. sometimes 2 depending on the art. You need to spend time perfecting the application and then the refining. You should be sculpting the nail with your brush and not the file at the end, I never really understood this until I tried CND L&P. it goes where you want it to go and stays there.
    Always always make sure that the cuticles are oiled before taking any pics as this finishes the overall look. If you get stuck hunni give me a shout we will get you there..
    just remember practise practise practise, dont be in such a hurry to get things done take your time to perfect your work and eventually you will be the best at what you do.
    Jen xx
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