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  • Best of luck.. try not to worry and if you burst into tears, so what, it will just make her look bad! :hug:
    Hello, I read your post. I am in the same position as you, renting salon and nail bar in a hairdressers Fr and Sat at moment. I wondered what products that you are stocking as it is a minefield and I am not sure what to do?
    Thank you so much for your input in my thread about the Beauty Group. I'm so sorry to have heard that you made a loss whilst doing it. Anyway, you know a lot better now. Steer clear away from them! xx
    Thanks for the input on the galvanic/direct HF thread! It's interesting that there's so many different approaches to it - when I was taught the Cathiodermie method it was all the electrical first, then a massage to relax, shows how things have changed! I shall be at the Excel show on Sunday so I'll nip along & say hello!
    hi, i saw in a few threads that u know a fair bit about microdermabrasion, i was just wondering if u would recomend and machine and if u know if you have to be qualified in beauty before you can do the training?
    thx Jx
    hi there the website for the tanning campaign is up now if you want to check it out let us know what you think
    Hi Thanks for your feedback to my post on microdermabrasion. Could you give me some recommendations on units please and advice on the sorts of questions I need to be asking when they come out to give demos.


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