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  • Hey congratulations to you and James on your big day, hope your day is a huge success and that you have a smashing wedding and holiday in sunny Cyprus. Xx
    Will do,I rarely go on msn these days but will make effort. Can't believe Lucas is nearly 3 now. Seems like only yesterday you were expecting him. Hey and wedding soon. Oh how time flies. Got lots to tell you. X
    I'm good thanks juliette. Been very busy but nothing new there . How's the wedding plans and the little man? X
    Thank you for the rep point from last April lol! So embarrassed, been away from the site and just found it now! xx
    Hi sorry to contact you in this way just wondered if u cld help??
    Originally Posted by bombini
    Just wondering for all those geeks that are self employed and do your own tax return do you ever get a tax rebate ?

    Im really confused as my boyfriend gets a rebate every single year since he has been self employed for a few hundred pounds and has so far not had to pay any tax.

    Ive submitted my tax return and was told I wasn't due a rebate as I hadn't overpaid any tax, when I explained the above to them and asked why bf got rebate and he hadn't paid any tax she just kept repeating over and over you haven't overpaid so there is nothing to be refunded, I said fair enough but how come others get rebate ?! She wouldn't answer that.

    So Im just wondering if anyone else gets a rebate each year ?

    Hi Bombini, i know this is an old thread but im in exactly the same position atm and i wondered the exact same thing as yourself, just wondering whether u found out any thing else or was given any advice? thanks
    Deffinately.How's things? I've been mega busy not had much chance to come on here much at all.xx
    Thanks for that! I shall have to see if I can get a cop of the advert from caci when I get back from my hols!!
    Which advert is that on? They phoned me a while ago asking if they could use a quote for something, but I haven't heard since!!
    That's a bit of a pig! I can see that would be quite some investment when you only want the GELeration products! Oh well - hope you manage to find something xxx
    Hello! I'm not sure to be honest; I can't even remember what the opening order requirements are anymore!! However, the GELeration is fantastic, and I've been having great results with it, especially on ridged toenails where it leaves a lovely flat finish! I can ask my rep if you like, but I don't see her until next week?
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