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  • hiya Juliette,
    I'm okay thanks,been very busy.
    How's things with you?lots to tell you when I get the chance.xx
    Hi,just about to go to bed,absolutely shattered.Will be on tomorrow night though if you're online.How's you and family?xx
    Hello! I'm afraid they don't do it anymore; the only permanent gift set they do is the travel set, other than that they have a changing range of sets through the year (at the moment it's aromessence coffret's & travel bags). The products themselves are still available, just not in the bag with the teddy I'm afraid! If you go to the Decleor UK page they have an online shop with all the currently available gift sets, and when I looked online a few sites have some pregnancy sets left:


    Martin xxx
    You're so welcome... it's worth trying anything to get you the sleep that you need!
    Enjoy your lie in tomorrow xxx
    Good grief, time's surely flown by quickly!!!
    Maybe it's a case of carrying on giving him his night bottle with the hungry milk in to tide him over until morning.
    You have to do what's right for you and your baby, sometimes the 'new/different ways' of doing things aren't always the best ways, iykwim :hug:
    How old is he Juliette? And is he on milk for hungry babies or 'normal'?
    Just wondering because Andrew had sma white cap, don't know if they even sell that any more lol, but it worked with him, he was a very hungry baby and when he was 'full' he was a satisfied baby who gave me no trouble, if he was hungry we all heard about it lol, regardless of the time of day!
    Salons doing wel thankyoul,loads of spray tanning....will come on MSN for 5 mins.Hope all is well.xx
    yesterday very quiet but today had 2 spray tans and eyebrow wax .Slow but sure,hope it gets better as time goes on.Lovely being my own boss though.Hope you're ok.xx
    Oh dear,that can be sooo stressful,just have to be as strong as you can.He will soon realise that screaming wont make any difference.I had same sort of thing with my youngest Grant.Sorry missed you last night.Didn't go on MSN.You can always text me if ur on there.xx
    Yes really well,we were busy sorting things out so didn't get chance to take pics but will pop over tomorrow night and take some pics to upload on here.Got lots to tell you when we get chance to chat on MSN next.How's little man's eyes? x
    I have briefly come on but setting off today!!! will try to get on tomorrow for a chat.xx
    Im so sorry cherub,Georgina came round out of the blue and stayed for a couple of hrs,couldn't really come on ,we MUST make another time....Hope all well though xxx:hug:
    I trained with Sam Ball in Leeds. If you want to try before you buy though I still have a Renu account, I could order some for you (£75 min order though). Let me know if this is of any use to you. Their P&P is usually £5.75 if I remember rightly.
    OK, in their email today it said start up of £850 and then you get the same in retail. TBH though when I started out I think I pushed them and only ended up spending about £450.00, as my facial client base then was small. The training was only one day. Didn't like the facial routine much as I found it very "hard" if you know what I mean. It involves a lot of lymph drainage movements nice for some but I am a wimp!
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