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  • Hi Juliette,
    I did use Renu for a while but to be honest I wasn't overly keen. I don't have any experience with Monu but I do know a couple of ladies that use it in their salons and like it. However, they don't have much luck on the retail side, neither did I with Renu.
    However, about 6 months ago I took on Nimue which is now distributed by SM and I think the products are fantastic. As a derma-cosmeceutical brand it would sit alongside Dermalogica quite well as it offers something totally different. We did think about taking Derma on aswell but with the salon market saturated with it and competition from the likes of the Jersey Beauty Company we decided to stick with one range for now.
    Of the two regular SM ranges Monu is the cheaper option.

    I had an email from SM today actually and if you buy the salon starter pack you get the same amount in retail stock FOC - bargain!
    thanks for the rep point................hope lisse expert works for top selling eye/lip only need a very small amount which you place under each eye then use the massage wand to gently massage it in...can also be used on top lip.........let me know how you get on...xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi, letting you know that i recieved my prezy n card today from secret santa.Thankyou! iv put it under the tree being a good girl but its gona kill me. Hope you have a lovely xmas and thanks again. xxxx
    hey ya, i seen on a post about 2 years ago that u rent a room for beauty treatments, what all did you need to get started with it, im interested in doin the same in a local hairdressers but not sure wot insurence etc etc il need, can ya help. thank you xox
    Thank you for your comment. I'm really pleased with the way it's looking and it's lovely to get positive feedback. Thank you :) xx
    Hello to you an Lucas...whenever i think of Lucas i think of Bobby Ewing....a long story,lol xx
    Love the pic of baby Lucas awww, so cute! Hun see your post about an online booking system and thought you might like to look at who I use - Online Appointment Diary and Scheduling Software, I recommend them. Feel free to drop me a line if you wanna chat about it. K x
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