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  • Gosh how did I miss this....your wee boy is gorgeous!!! what a lovely name too.
    Hope you are both doing well :hug:
    Hey, Thanks for the rep...only just noticed it!! Congratulations on your little boy:) xxx
    Congratulations on your gorgeous little boy. Hope you are both doing well. xx
    Just leaving a message - to say hope you are well and that baby has turned up!!!

    Darlin i know exactly what you mean,stupid thing to say,i wanted to slap the next persaon to say " are you still here" ... idiots lol. We are great thanks hun,she's so pleasant,a proper joy to have. Listen if i don't get on again,the very best of luck to you hunnie xxxxxxx
    I don't use the website much hunny but I'll check and let you know. I would assume your access would be blocked after you close your account x
    I tried to breast feed with my first but was so poorly (long story) that he didn't like the milk - and when he refused to take the milk - I got very upset (it took me alot of courage to bf and felt so rejected ) so I decided to bottle feed this time - I was surprised that there was so little pressure to BF unlike with my first. But even bottle feeding seems easier than before - with my micro wave steriliser and the containers to put the formula in. Anyway he's gone from 9lb12oz to 10lb3oz in 2 weeks - and is perfect!!!! So content.
    And I have no regrets not finding out the sex- it truly makes the labour pain dissapear.
    My friend is due May and goes on maternity tommorow . Can't wait till we out with the prams!!!
    hope all is well and your not too uncomfortable.

    Things are great for me - Elliot is lovely and loving being a mam again. I don't mind the 3 times a night feeds either although its starting to tell on me.

    yes I've heard that also, apparently they only had the contract up to a certain date and it was doubtful about what was going to happen after that.
    I havent had much bumpf off them in ages either, and vanessa has only rang me once in the past few months.
    thanks hun. I was concerned that you thought the amount was fair. apparently Gerard's are not going to be distributed through the company in London anymore. Weezie got a letter to say it was ending May 31st.
    Your scan pic is beautiful!... They make me cry!.... I'm such an eejit! lol
    Chhers my dear for the rep...only a cday or 2 and you leave hey?...i shall call and get some goss! xx
    Hi Juliette....i can see why not,it is perfectly fine,the best way is to contact the association of relexologists...ill try and find them for you and give you a call....xx
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