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  • had nice chat with Vanessa re: facial application today. she's given me some tips on how to advertise it.
    thanks again for your help.
    Dont worry x x x - we will have to make sure we meet up next time. Got back about 8.30 tonight and need about a weeks worth of sleep to recover! x x x
    Yes please, that would be brilliant.
    will update my website after speaking to Vanessa on Wednesday and put your link on then.
    hi-just read your blog. i'm not interested in the stuf but i noticed you were from the midlands and just wondered if you were anywhere near me. i am about to open my own salon in kidderminster and am after staff. i realise the midlands covers a large area but you never know!-angelina
    We recon we should get there about 1.30 ish cause the trains are having a ly in with it being a Sunday! :lol: What time are you all meeting up?
    Thank you - yes hun, going on Sunday and Monday with Lyndsay (Zingara) and staying over on Sunday night. what day are you going?
    I will be competing Sunday and Monday so hopefully we can catch up. I am living in Malvern and working in Hereford x
    Hello,my lovely.....we could meet up at lunch time at excel....will give you a tinkle xxxx
    Now that I am not too far from you, we'll have to have a wee Geek meet soon. Are you going to Excel? xx
    Hello sweetie,hope you're feeling a bit better and work wasn't too much of a chore with a running nose amd sore head.xx
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