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    Mobile beauty couch - recommendations

    I need a beauty couch that is height adjustable and can be put into a reclinable position and is fairly lightweight. It needs to be suitable for waxing, facials, massage etc. Years since I did mobile treatments and it's only for occasional use but I would like to buy something that's good...
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    Lava Shells

    I'm considering investing in lava shells as Im fairly sure I have started to develop repetitive strain injury in my right hand and was hoping these could possibly help when Im doing massage. For any therapists that use the shells would you recommend it as a treatment and to ease tension in my...
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    Advice, client wanting to charge her phone

    I would of said yes......but having thought about these points Im not sure now. I have charged my phone in bars before but it was a charger they had on the premises.
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    Black heads on mature skin?

    Which area are the blackheads in ? I would also recommend steaming as mentioned above then extraction. Is your client using suitable homecare ? I wouldn't invest in a machine for one client but if you think it could increase your business and appeal to existing clients then I think...
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    Face painting

    Where is the best place to buy face paint from ? I have been asked to do some face painting at my sons school fete but all the current paints they have need replacing and I have no idea where to get it from other than ebay.
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    Have you done any leaflet drops ? I did one a few weeks ago, just the estate I live on and id had two emails within an hour of getting home ! I have just started using twitter for my business but to be honest I've not had any business from it and all it seems to be is local business...
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    NEC Birmingham?

    Im not very impressed with the brand line up this year, apart from a couple of big names there are hardly any of interest to me. It seems most of the well known companies wait until the London shows which is a shame for us in the midlands. To answer your question yes you can buy products...
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    Brow kits to retail

    Hi everyone, Haven't been on here for soooooo long :eek: I just wondered if anyone retails brow kits and if so where do you buy them from ? I have seen some in Sallys but the RRP is over £20 and I would prefer something under that. I have sent so many clients to the benefit counter to...
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    Sally Morgan live

    Im going to see her in two weeks, booked before I saw the articles about her being a fake ! On average how many people does she interact with in the audience?
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    Beauty Therapy refresher courses

    You could always do a few one day courses to 'refresh' You already have the knowledge and skills so I think you'd be fine with some short courses.
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    Waxing paperwork?

    Sounds like you have everything to me :)
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    How do you motivate yourself ?

    I am seriously lacking in the motivation department at the moment and really need a good kick up the backside ! I read all the threads from geeks with so much enthusiasm for their new business and I have none of that !!! I have worked from home for the last 3 years and before that worked in...
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    Setting up time/clearing away time, paid or unpaid?

    I think the original question was forgotten a long time ago lol I can't see why people are getting their knickers in a twist about therapists expecting to be paid for taking coats off etc as that was never what the post was about ?
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    Look at my poor little gal's sunburn from her school trip, I'm so angry

    If the school aren't interested I would suggest mentioning to them that you will be going to local/national press. This is exactly the sort of thing I would expect to read in the paper. Don't any of teachers on the trip have any common sense for gods sake ? I can't understand why there is a...
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    Setting up time/clearing away time, paid or unpaid?

    If you want her in at least 15mins before then I think you should pay her otherwise I think it would be reasonable to expect her to be in at least 5 minutes before she is due to start clients. As would be the case in other jobs. Realistically it doesn't take longer than 5 minutes to get your...