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  • It was brill thank you. I've done 3 sets of nails for my course work so far, 1st set took 1hr 50mins, second set took 2hrs!! and today took me 1hr 20mins (thank god). But well worth the money x
    I'm going to be doing their gel course starting this Saturday but I haven't done L&P before at all, but doing L&P will be next on the list or maybe hard gel?? But if the gel course with Harmony Gelish is good then no doubt I'll do the other courses with Harmony.
    After a few teething problems I am getting on great. The products are fantastic, and so far they are lasting great. Yes its in a housing estate. I had trouble finding i when I went. Its in a culdesac, next to some old folk bungalows if I remember right. Its in a Summer house at the bottom of her garden, a corner house. Michaela is lovely! You'll like her. hth x x
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