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  • Oh my god! I dont think I would ever be able to that! I am in the process of trying to make a dice and that is bad enough! lol well done, they look fantastic :) xx
    Hi, just looked at your website...your nails are fab!! The competition ones are amazing, all those christmas figures and the sleigh - did you make them from acrylic? They are so good!!! xx
    :)well done you,
    Gosh im even more depressed now then hehehe,:cry:
    I do a set & I'm fine,
    but its just when they have left ,I just worry so much are they still on etc etct..:cry: I do a client who is a very bad nail bitter, my other Nail Technician friend said she wouldnt touch her, as they are too short, but I do her and they are fine WHY DO I WORRY........:cry:
    I havent had any one come back, normally they last 2-3weeks then need infills,x
    just a peak at your album wow love your work very good:), I shouldnt keep looking at this site i get so depressed theres so much amazing work out there:cry: x
    I've just been having a nosey at your photo's, those flower rings are amazing! We will have to arrange a time to meet up then you can show me some more of your fab flowers :D
    Hiya Laura! I found you! Great to meet you today, What did Jo think of your competion nails? I was just leaving when you were showing her. Good look with your new salon, hope all your dreams come true! love andrea x
    Hi hun, how's u?? Haven't spoken to you in ages!! lol, how's your training going? I hope all is well with you, will have to catch up soon, Jo.xx
    Hi Laura, Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed yourself, even if it was just theory! But you do need the knowledge behind you. Looking forward to seeing you all when I get back. You'll be playing and getting used to using product from now on. x
    Hey stranger, hows things? Im sooooo glad to be home, I had a great time but 2 weeks without my creature comforts was hard.
    Got a lovely tan, couldnt believe how bloody cold it was when I got off the plane.
    Are you going to excel or olympia?
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