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  • Happy new year to you, remember I asked you before about the makeup? well I know it's been a while but do you still have it? xxx
    Just wanted to say, people who have trained with Julie have been really happy with her. Are you no longer a trainer for Wow?
    Hi Kelshah

    Thanks for your reply :) what did the ladies wear for the group interview? My letter only says knee-length skirts/dresses. Did you have to wear red lips and your hair up like the FA's or light make-up? How tall are you?
    Hi Kelshah, Hope you dont mind me asking but I saw your details on service swap and I also live in the manchester area. Have you got something up and running for treatment swaps? If so im very interested however I dont do lashes or nails, just tans massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. If you're interested in this let me know. Many thanks Lois xxxxx
    Hi, I've seen a previous thread about flirties training in Manchester. If you could contact me that would be great. Thanks. X
    Hi Kelsha,
    I was just wondering if you got my message I sent a couple of weeks ago about Lashes ?

    Emms x
    i`ll be going to the next one the fund is already growing, will have to do your lashes next time we have our lash day think its the 10th may if work doesnt intervine lol xx
    hi chick what happened to you comming for your lashes done? hope yuou have a fab weekend so jealous i`ll want all the info off you too!! oh and have moved on to the new fast set glue its fab!!! so loving lashing!! xx
    ha ha what am I like just read a VM and thought it was from you to me ..............................but it wasnt lol
    not to bad chick !!! cant wait to meet up at the event...................will try not to drool over your fab dress which ever one you wear !!!
    haha glad u like um hunny bun right back at ya, i've had a mad busy day still not ordered my glue but gonna get right on it in the morn x
    Hi hun just thought i would say hello ive not been on for a while i hope you okay and still looking forward to the event x
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