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  • Thanks very much for the reply! Looking forward to the update on your experiment! Keep me posted :) x
    Thank yo so much for your reply. Only just quickly read it as need to go offline. I will read properly tomorrow and get back to you. Have you got personal email or should I email you on here??
    Hi Kelly
    Sorry if it was too late for you to ring me back this evening, i ended up working later than i said and wasn't home until 9 pm ish, i will be available on my mobile from lunch time tomorrow (wednesday) if you want to call and we will have chat xxx
    Hi there, if possible, would you mind pm'ing me some prices on the art deco? Thank you. Im in a mad panic as I have a make up event planned for march, lol
    I wish I did hunni!!!! I adore lashes but the thought of being near someone elses eye terrifies me a bit! I love having my own lashes done though although I have taken a break from them for now as I just haven't had time to get to the salon :(

    Let me know if you are up, will make you some lunch :) xx
    Hi Kels, can you give me your opinion on my critique hun in nails. My first attempt at embedding and, although not to everyones taste, I was pleased with them :) You due down this way any time soon? Maybe you could pop past for some coffee and cake :) xx
    that's great news January can be a funny month so nice to know you are still kept busy.
    im good thanks, start in my room in March. Looking forward to it but so nervous too. Got our nail tech wearing lashes and have 3 clients lined up from her all ready so fingers crossed thats a good sign. Will let you know how i get on. in the mean time still practising on anyone who will lie still lol good to hear from you xx
    Hi Kelly or should i say helloooo pretty lady, that's a great avatar picture of you chick xx
    Have you been keeping quiet this past wee while or have i just been missing your posts ??
    hope your well x
    Hi - just wondering if you have got anywhere with Only yourx as i use it and love love love it! Great website too and a cute little girl.
    your welcome chick. any time. I pm'ed her to after her comment to me but have also heard nothing back yet. some peeps eh xx
    Hi kelly! I will be back in the salon tomorrow so will give you a call about your training, Lou x
    hi there, thanks for your mention of me within your own blog :hug: :hug:

    I'm doing fine, my brother and his partner left for scotland about 1 hour ago, that was emotional, so the laptop went on, some music and here I am geeking, my fave past time. so its just me and the dogs from now on, gonna be strange living on my own with the dogs, but I have a great bunch of people around so I am lucky :)

    anne xx
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