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  • Hi Kelly, just wanted to say thanks for the mags, Amara was asleep when we got home so I sat in the car reading them for about an hour!! Cant wait for the kids to go to bed so I can sit down and carry on reading, am definately going to subscribe.xxxx
    Hi Kelly
    I need to ring you hun (i think you know why), when will be the best times to catch you at home ?
    Silly man! He could have had a gorgeous partner and a gorgeous daughter if he'd not been such a manipulative bully. But now he might as well be singing "All by myself" or something like that...
    Yep, he sounds a right idiot! I hate people like that! Shame you can't get anything out of him via the CSA - they do sound a particularly useless excuse for a quango though, don't they? I do hope things get better for you long term though; well done for soldiering on like you are and being the best mummy in the world for your little girl...
    I've got only one thing to say to your ex. "Should've gone to Specsavers!" - I mean why on earth would he think you're ugly when it's obvious to anyone that you're extremely good looking! He sounds like a right Juan Kerr (or an anagram of Newark) - I mean if he's got enough dosh to afford a brand new BMW, then why on earth would he be taking you to court? Were you married to him?
    That's the little girl that needs the amputation - not Sonia, incidentally. She just needs a big bladder operation in a month or two...
    Aye, it is total madness! So sorry you got such a lot of hassle at your appointment with the bureaucrats! I guess you can't blame the people who work for the benefits agency or whoever though - they have to obey the silly rules dictated to them from above, or else they'd be in a load of trouble, I bet!

    On a similar theme, there was a little girl in the local paper who needed an electric wheelchair; apparently they had loads of hassle trying to get one through social services! Good job Sonia had one going spare then - she bought a lovely pink one on eBay last year, but it wasn't wide enough for her - so we gave it to the little girl. She's got some rare medical condition and is going to need to have her legs amputated below the knee in a month or so - not nice :(
    Dammit, it won't let me rep you for what I thought was a brilliant comment on the benefits post! I forgot the totally absurd way that it's possible to be better off claiming benefits than for someone to be in work - that just doesn't make sense to me at all, and is totally screwed up if you ask me - but then when was the government ever logical???
    That's great news Kelly, it will be nice to see you again and have a catch up, let me know when you have worked out which day it will be so i can put it in my diary xxx
    Hi Honey a company in dunfermline but they post out : Printing Service (Scotland) LTD 01383 620919 the printing quality is fab If you call them Speak to Ian or Avril and tell them to got the info from me as I was given the info today and the offer is not valid until 27th april weekend he did give me a code: UNB
    Did you train at NSI Salford? I did all my training there. They are all so nice.
    Love Angela x
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