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    I love the clinicare range, I also use the instant painless peel and the masks for a deluxe Dermaplane facial
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    Lash extension removal

    Try using a cream remover, leave it a while and if the lashes just slide off great if not leave a few more minutes, don’t rush it x
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    Best eyelash glue?

    I love the kg professional and also London lash pro glues, you can get samples of these if you contact them
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    Lash techs - which lashes do you use?

    The lash base lbx are lovely and worth buying, I also like London lash pro, lashboxla and kg professional
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    Lash lift

    Lash base lash lift is good, I also love the in lei lash filler after having it applied myself, far better than other brands I’ve used in the past
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    I use clinicare and love their products
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    Classic lashes

    Lashbase lashes and glues are really good
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    Micro needling pen

    There are 2 I’ve looked at recently The fusion one from Korea’s Raffine pen from 4tmedical
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    Lash glue

    Lashbase extreme would be good it’s not too fast for a beginner London lash pro Flawless lashes by loreta Kg professional Those are the ones I recommend at the moment
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    Best long lasting Henna brand?

    Brow xenna has been great for me and my students
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    Hyaluronic air pens

    Yes I did the fat dissolve but it wouldn’t penetrate into my skin on the training day. The trainer didn’t know what the reason was. When I asked on other forums people were just trying to sell me yet another course (I’ve done 2 courses in this now - both a waste of money) I will be trying to...
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    Eyelash extensions

    Okay and breathe Honestly it gets easier. I walked away from my first course feeling exactly the same, 12 yrs later I would class myself as a lash master. I’ve done ALOT of courses since then. So practice your isolation get some strip lashes and later them so that it’s more like a real eye...
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    Epibrow or Phibrow?

    Dermace are really good
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    Lash extensions

    There are ALOT of tweezers, glue and lashes out there. The ones I like are Lashbase -glue and lashes love the new lbx lashes Kg professional - glue Flawless lashes by Loretta - tweezers Studio lashes - lashes Lashboxla - lashes The lashes I like are more expensive than some of the other places...
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    Lash extension client demanding refund

    She needs to come in for you to have a look and once she has you can make a decision, I always say I rectify a problem and don’t refund. You could offer a partial refund maybe if she hasn’t pulled them out or a credit for another treatment.