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    Lash extension courses

    Definitely do the classic semi permanent lashes first before Russian volume it will teach you the basics you need to know. Wenn in offer online courses that are indepth and get great feedback as well as being abt accredited for online training
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    Eyelash extensions course

    I was totally against online courses but then Covid happened, I made had no choice but to offer online courses for my students. Our courses are exceptional - the feedback we get is amazing. We have put so much indepth information into them and they are really easy to understand. Our courses are...
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    Lashes too short for lash lift?

    Try the XS shields from lash art, they also have a handy little ruler and chart to give an idea of lift and what size to use
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    Lash lifts?

    I really like the results form the airlift shields, ellebana is also really good
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    Brow lamination?

    Enhance and pamper do brow lamination training in Manchester, you can choose between include a kit or without
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    Henna Brow brand

    BrowXenna is brilliant, I get a great skin stain and the hair colours well. The beat one I’ve tried
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    Best brow & lash tinting products

    Refectocil is brilliant Hairwell is also really good
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    Best individual lash brand to train with?

    Hi Good training is worth travelling for, I would recommend you check out your trainers work and their personal reviews, I don’t recommend brand training often. For training in Manchester check out enhance & pamper
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    How do you deal with no shows?

    Take deposit and make your terms clear at the point of booking x
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    Lash lift

    I’ve used a few brands The best ones I’ve used are Ellebana Airlift by LashArt Or lashbase (this can be hit and miss sometimes)
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    Dermaplaning training near Stoke on Trent

    Enhance and pamper, Manchester can help With both
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    Henna brow

    I’ve heard dyotics is good and it’s the one I haven’t tried myself yet, I get great results with brow xenna, I will try dyotics myself at some point but have so much henna to use up first. You could just buy a couple of colours to get you started or maybe ask for samples?
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    Brow lamination?

    You can go more Extreme but most clients prefer to have the natural fluffy look. Clients don’t want to use products they have it done and it last 4-6 weeks, they just need to brush in the morning.
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    Inlei lash filler

    Tried it and loved it
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    Henna & brow lamination

    Yes although you need to check with both brands of products, I use products that you can use together