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  • Hi Boop

    No I had to change the page :( I do believe you are allowed one page name and that's it. Suer frustrating I know!

    Hi saw your post about la fitness. I rent a room from them full time & from everything I read on here, I consider myself really lucky. Where abouts are you from ? They leave me to myself and never bother me with anything which is really nice. Bit strict about where I can advertise within and outside of the gym ... Basically nowhere except back of toilet doors ! But the room is a good size and I have a shower room out the back. I pay 500 a month . Initially they asked for 550 for full time or 120 per day if I were to be part time. The opening hours are really late so you can be really flexible with when you work. I have been going for 9 months now and haven't had any problems. Touch wood :) any other questions just message me
    Hi sorry I've only just seen your message as it was on Visitor Messages, but can't reply to you direct/privately? No I haven't been allowed to change my URL, think this is impossible. Just changed the name of my page which I hope will do!
    Hi, Yes, had a day's training on Friday. I think I have done all now, although i would like to do advanced electrolysis for thread vein removal etc but you need a years experience in order to do it. I have done lots of electrical facials since my training and all have re-booked, as the results have been so good. I think it is a great move as there are so many therapists doing regular treatments, nails, tans etc as they are cheap to start up. I think if you can offer something different it is a bonus :) Happy training. Let me know how it goes. Are you home or salon based? Jo x
    Hiya. I looked at lots of different machines and in the end bought one off an ebay shop. I am sure that salon geeks would frown upon it but I guess many off the expensive machines are made in China anyway. I have had it about 4 months and really pleased with it. penny is great. Did u tell her I was happy to recommend her?
    Hi, Yes I have now done lots of training with Penny and she is great, she came over to my house for the last part of my electrolysis training yesterday, I wish I had found her ages ago, would have saved me some money. She is great, cus its one to one training and you feel comfortable asking questions etc. She charged £150 a day but we had 2 of us go to her house in Solihull and she just charged £150 between us, never known anyon else do that!
    You tell her which equipment you want to be trained on, and she will tailor the course to you. I think we did galvanic/hf and microcurrent the same day. then did micro derm another day with something else. not any assessments but she needs to know that you know what your doing before you get your certificate. My insurance is with Babtac and I just send them copies of my certificates. I would def recommend her, I have done eye treatments, body wrap, electrical facial, body, lash & brow, electrolysis. Hope that helps, she doesnt always answer her emails straight away but she will get back to you, if not give her a call, she is lovely x Jo x
    thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I had thought of creating treatments using my skills & qualifications, & will speak to insurance company about where i stand. it's great to know there is someone who is doing what I plan to do, & makes me all the more determined to go for it! I'm really tempted with hot stone & reflexology as my next training ventures ... might have to bide my time though. thanks again x
    Oil does help Carol. They must stick to it. Its been quiet at this end but I don't mind. It means my boys get time with me :) I would be there I a shot for you to experiment on me. :) xoxo
    Nope, Didnt buy the kit! sad but true! I have a Shellac Kit with almost full range of Shellac Colours. I should stick to Shellac before I jump into the next system. I love OPI colours and it's formulation but I love Shellac French better. Besides, I just bought 2nd CND lamp as a spare. Ouch. x
    Hey cuz, sorry to hear about Uncle Eric......came as quite a shock to all I think. Hope your ok xxxx
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