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  • Hey chick - no probs - are you sitting comfortably??!!
    Seriously I would highly recomend Creative Spa pedi - the products are gorgeous and do just what they say on the tin ! Here goes :
    pedi consultation - inspect feet for any contraindications - eg open wounds , infection etc

    Look for and target areas of hard skin , any callouses etc and check toenails for thickening , ingrown toenails ect.

    Talk client through exactly what you are looking for and finding and tell them what you are going to do and use to target these specifics.
    Wrap feet in warmed towels (its usually cold over here!!) and get water spa. Add serum / soak of your choice and place clints feet in to soak.

    I usually make a cup of tea/coffe at this stage so feet have a few moments to soak , client can settle and get comfortable

    Individually scrub feet and lower legs and rinse in spa

    Target specific hard skin with aha scrub on bottom of feet combined with foot file on trouble spots

    Rinse in spa.

    Treating each foot individually take out of spa and dry.
    Apply moisture pack to cuticle area (solar oil and aha cuticle remover), apply footmask , wrap in plastic pedi bags and put each foot into warmed booties.
    Take out footspa and prepare hot towels.
    Remove booties and thoughorly remove mask with hot towels, apply moisturiser / massage oil and complete massage.Remove moisture pack on cuticle area with hot towels.
    Use toe seperators and carry out detailed cuticle work , cut , shape and file toenails.
    Buff , scrubfresh and apply base coat.
    Colour consultation while basecoat becomes tacky and then apply polish.
    finish with topcoat and solaor oil and put on pedi slippers until polish is fully dried.
    Depending on preference you could massage when polish is dry and let oil remain to penetrate skin while client goes home.
    You can alternate , skip or change steps around depending on your preference and clients needs.
    Play with your products , dont be afraid to experiment and above all ENJOY this service - you will transform dull tired feet to items of beauty! This service to me embodies one aspcet of JOB SATISFACTION!!!!! I love it!
    You go girl and make it your own unique service - your clients will love you for it!!
    Big Geek hugs - hope that helps some
    Jayneym xxxx
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