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    nothing stays in hair...

    You need something with fiber in it. Try American Crew Fiber it comes in a jar. Good stuff. I had the same prob with my young boys. This stuff solves the prob!
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    what product gives volume to my flat hair

    I dont know what products are available to you but I love Paul Mitchells Extra Body category. It comes with a thickening gel, voloumizing foam, a root lift spray and a great hairspray. I also like Scruples volumizing mousse and direct volume spray.
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    Creative or OPI

    Well I was taught to push back cuticles, if excess cuticle is present apply cuticle remover wash hands only if cuticle romover was used buff out shine lighly etch surface dehydrate nail apply tip & blend wipe nail with NAS99(OPI) or alcohol dehydrate prime natural nail
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    Creative or OPI

    Well I use OPI, used a little Creative in school, and I have lifting within a few days about 75% of the time, even on myself. I dont offer nail services anymore because of it. But to be honest, I dont understand what Im doing wrong. I feel Im very thorough with prep...I just dont understand.
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    Pedicure steps

    Im in the US & I charge $25
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    Pedicure steps

    Never have taken it. Is it worth the money?
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    Creative or OPI

    For those of you that have used both opi and creative acrylic systems, do you find one or the other has mor tendency to lift?
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    Pedicure steps

    Sounds good. What type of foot file do you use?
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    Haircolor question

    Yes that helped alot. Sometimes you just need someone to confirm your thoughts! Thanks again
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    Pedicure steps

    Well I havent commited to one line of pedicure stuff, I have mixed and matched various items from OPI, Creative, even some off brand. These are my basic pedi steps: Pre-file heals(w/dry file) Remove polish, shape nails soak push back cuticles sloughing lotion file scrub file massage...
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    Pedicure steps

    Anyone care to share there step by step pedicure instructions. I work out of a room in my home and only do about 2-3 pedicures a week and would like to change things up a little. Always curious as to what others do during their pedicures. Most of my clients have EXTREMELY dry heels and most of...
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    With my color line, Paul Mitchell, I use a 5 or 10 vol dev.(1.5 or 3%) + permanent color in equal parts on damp hair for up to 20 min. checking color at 10 minutes. Im sorry Im from the states and am not sure but i think our developers compare like this: 3% = 10 vol. 6% = 20 vol. 9% = 30...
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    Help with hair style

    Sometimes when I feel the blahs with my hair Ill change the color(all over, hi-lites, lo-lites) or just part my hair to the other side. Im sorry i dont know who Cheryl Cole is but I think you would look good with a heavy side swept bang. My hair is cut similar to yours, an angled bob, a little...
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    Will I ruin my hair??????

    I agree with minky. You should probably choose one or the other. Chemical straightening is completly altering the bonds in your hair(as a perm would do on straight hair) Anytime you chemically alter you have some degree of damage. Do you ever like to wear your hair curly? If you do that wouldnt...
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    Please can someone help me with my static hair?!

    I would suggest using a good leave in conditioner spray. They are light and great for anyone to use especially anyone with chemical services(color, bleach, perm, ect. ) on there hair. Chem. Serv. = Loss of moisture QUOTE] PS. if you are doing your colour yourself , you are being very...