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  • Hey Adam, hope you don't mind me saying, but there is a lady on 'Sallys replied, what a joke! Need advice?' thread that would really benefit from your consumer advice expertise! Thanks. :)
    Hello Adam. Did I successfully LIKE your FB page? I find it confusing when I go onto someones page from a link on here...there seems to be LIKE stats but no LIKE option on the main page, unless you LIKE an entry. What am I doing wrong :rolleyes:
    No not yet. I email paypal and they have said that I can do it on my mobile with my personal account! They have sent info on how to do it, but not had a chance to work it out yet. After a very quick look though I am not sure that it is possible. Will let you know what the outcome is. It would just be so much easier if I could take card payments and do it on my iphone, rather then have to carry cash all the time.
    Hi Botoxboy, I see you use the Paypal app. Could you tell me what I do to take a payment should a client want to pay me by debit or credit card. I have the app on my iphone.
    Your website is amazing, I'm tempted to get some botox myself now. Hope you don't mind me asking but did you design this yourself and is it expensive? I've spent days faffing about on vistaprint but my site is pretty basic and struggling to obtain clients at the minute as mobile and moved area.
    Thanks - Jan
    just wondering if i could get some advice from yourself ? had botox about two years ago forehead between the eyes and at the side of eyes paid £350, the next day was bruised badly and didnt even notice any changes neither did anyone else ! I'm thinking of trying again but need to know what price i should pay, and can you recommend anyone in the nottingham area plz?
    Thanx for your time xx
    Hey just logged back in and got your message - thank you.

    Would you believe made my 6th phone call to them yesterday to try and get something done - we now 4 1/2 weeks since it done and finally last night they called me back.

    I explained to the owner and she was like o thats strange maybe you have a high metabolism lol I'm size 14-16 I hardly have a high metabolism!!! lol

    However - she apologised for not being in contact as her nurse was on holiday, then her nurses perscrbier was on holiday and said they not aloowed to keep botox and that the nurse had finally got botox yesterday and doing it today and that id probably just need a top up.

    she asked if i had asked for very light look or full on and i was like i made it clear wanted the Danni Minogue look!!

    So going tonight after work to get it done - was bit concerned as birthday celebrations tomorrow night but she said it would be fine.

    So heres hoping they get it sorted.

    Great to have you on here with good knowledge and skills!

    Thanks so much

    Thank you! One thing that really makes my blood boil is stories of unscrupulous companies ripping people off though! It risks giving the good companies a bad name! Especially when there are excellent companies out there who can help you with getting the best out of Facebook - who risk getting their reputation sullied by these cowboys!
    hi someone replied but hasnt got back to me yet!! what sort of questions she my client be asking when she enquires about having it done?
    hi do you know of anyone who does botox in the lincolnshire area? one of my clients asked me about it, she will travel to notts to get it done as she wants the best!!
    Hey thank you for your kindness! It was a scary night and we had patients diverted from the city centre to the hospital I work at as well but overall only a small number of casualties.

    The city was full of fires and smoke tho which was pretty scary and the petrol station opposite my apartments was looted and the shopping centre 1/2 a mile away was on fire but we're safe and sound so thanks for your message xxx
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