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  • Hi.

    Like quite a few people I've seen your post about possible contract templates. Would you be able to share it with us too, please? I've opened my first salon and I'm not sure where to star with those agreements. I've nail tech and holistic therapists.
    If you could message me those it be awesome.
    Hope I'm not asking for too much.

    bourbonsbabe has been absent from the site since 2015, so I'm removing your email address as any member of the public can see it.
    Hi Sarah,

    Glad to have been of some inspiration to you with facebook :) Yes I supply in pro sizes - the massage oils come in 300ml & the 'flavours' I have are: Lemon Sherbet Fizz; Orange Sunshine, Frankincense & Rose; Moroccan Spiced Mint & Peppermint Cream.

    You can order by emailing me on sarah@looksbeautiful.co.uk and you can pay via paypal or over the phone with your card details. I will be working on a website in the coming weeks!

    Kind regards, Sarah
    just reading ur post, would you pm me your template for contract for self employed staff please. im looking to change mine

    I have just been reading a post on contracts of employment for self employed staff...I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of your contract of service for your self employed staff? that would be a great help thank you for sharing - alexandra_rowan@yahoo.co.uk
    sorry hunny, will be doing your certificate tomorrow and posting it tomorrow. I've had my laptop in hospital this week so haven't been able to do much.
    keep massaging!
    Yeah my clients are going minx an shellac mad. Oh that would be fab i love doing lasg extensions :D sorry for late reply xx
    Thank you. Its nice to hear that your new business is doing well. I've got a really good loyal client base so i'm hoping that'll make a good start. Where about's is your salon? xx
    Hi there,
    Yeah its going good but thinking of moving as i only rent a room and need a bigger room as the room im in is tiny lol. You kept busy? xx
    Hi, I'm Annie (tonimaxwill is the kids and hubbie!!) Hope your well. I thought I had replied to this days ago, turned out I sent myself a message :)
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