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    Which skincare range for facials?

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    Environ or Eve Taylor?

    Thanks, didn't realise they were so different. Only seen them recommended through here and that they are results driven which it the most important thing at the moment. Hopefully will be easier once the samples arrive and I can try them out.
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    Environ or Eve Taylor?

    Hi Ladies, i'm waiting for samples of products from Environ and Eve Taylor as changing my facial products. does anyone have any opinions on either. I'm a small home beauty business just starting back up, thanks.
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    Facial range for small home beauty business

    Thank you, will register today
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    Facial range for small home beauty business

    Hi LNB2304, have seen loads of post recommending Eve Taylor but thought it may be too costly. What do you get in your start up kit? Could you let me know what it cost.
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    Facial range for small home beauty business

    Hi Ladies, Ive not been doing any beauty treatments for the last year or so but we have recently moved and will be starting again in our new house. Previous I used Kaeso for my facials and although I like it I am wondering if there is anything new out there that is more results driven although...
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    Born Pretty stamping plates

    Hi, how do you rate BP stamping plates and are they worth the wait? Have seen some reviews and they seem ok but reviews of customer service seems poor, do you buy direct from them/Ali express/amazon? So tempted.
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    New treatments

    Thanks, not sure my clients are prepared to pay the cost of electrical facials though, normal facials are few and far between. My clients are mostly shellac and eyebrow wax and tints at the moment.
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    New treatments

    Need a little bit of advice please ladies. I'm a small home beauty business looking to add some new treatments to my list. I already offer shellac, waxing, tinting, facials and massage. I'm thinking about eyelash extension and eyelash lifting, do you find these popular treatments or is there...
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    Has anyone tried Saint Nails?

    Watching this thread with interest. Saint nails have just come up on my Facebook but am always wary of companies popping up like that.
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    Shellac Wisteria Haze or Lilac Longing?

    Yes I did,(I do like Liverpool Lashes) liked both colours though and couldn't decide, gone with Lilac Longing now and maybe Wisteria Haze in the next order, thanks.
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    Shellac Wisteria Haze or Lilac Longing?

    Thank you ladies, Lilac longing it is, have liked it for a while, planned on buying it last summer but suddenly summer was over.
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    Shellac Wisteria Haze or Lilac Longing?

    Looking at getting a few more summery colours but can't decide between Wisteria Haze or Lilac Longing, which do you find most popular? Like them both but can't justify buying 2 similar colours just yet as I'm only a small home business. Many thanks.
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    Need advice searching for first beauty job

    I am 45 and I qualified in Btec level 3 last year and after moving home now looking for my first job. All job adverts seem to request 2 years experience, feeling frustrated and not sure where to turn, any advice appreciated. Is my age against me?
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    Ladies of Wiltshire!

    I'm free most Mon, Thurs and Fri, where abouts are you?