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  • thankyou for the picture comment,i didnt have a problem with the product "sinking" into the gap as i didnt extend her nail bed past the tip of her fingers so the it ment the product was applied to wear her nail bed shuld have been if that makes sense? :)
    My hubby once spent a month in Sandiago and the photo's he took were amazing. The problem with moving away is that you have broarder horisons so when you come back you find you don't fit in any more. I moved to Germany when I was 16, married a soldier, then moved to France, followed by Belgium. I find that most people think I'm a risk taker, I'm not, but if you're in your 40's and still living in the town you were born in then the way I've lived my life must seem very strange lol
    Well hello, I've lived here for about 11 years now, it's sad how this town has gone so down hill. I don't know how long you've been gone, but my advise is, don't come back here to live. If I could I'd leave. Sad really, I loved this town when I first moved here.
    Where about's are you I have a few friends state side and love to see photo's etc from all the different area's.
    Hi I notice you're in the states now, which state are you in? I spend a good chunk of time there and am always looking for geeky friends / techs in the areas that I go
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