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  • Thanks for essay "like", Brit! I realised later that the OP was ages ago. Anyway, hope the last poster asking for help has found it useful,although I think I must be a thread closer, 'cos it's another case of the last post!
    Hope everything is better for you. Big hug xxx
    That's good advice. Must be a very wise woman. :wink2: I'm well. Keep your head up, kitten.
    Hi, Emma. Thanks for checking on me. In all my 50 years, today was one of the saddest things I've ever experienced. All I kept thinking was there'd be no more birthdays and no more hugs. They'd never hear his voice, hear his laughter. They'd always expect him to come bounding through the door. It's affected me more than I ever could have imagined. I'm struggling...and it's not even my child.
    Hello I saw your advert for hair extensions and am interested in having them done.. is that price including the hair? thank you kelsea
    It is opposite that one but the car shop is with the same people - reckon it would be a mare to heat etc though. the little shop used to be used for paperwork storage apparently from a solicitors :D the company renting it seem very reasonable xxxx
    i seen it! i know the one you mean, was a car parts shop, it owned by a big family in swaffham the lady owns hair works in swaffham if ya kn ow it?
    i know the one, it last was antique shop, before that it was hairdressers, it big in there! but i think they werent that professional if ya no what i mean!lol. the salon in a hairdressers kinda on base. it nice little room, suits me fine but still do bit of mobile, i know foulden my friend lived there and now she northwold and i grew up in mundford!! spooky x
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