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  • Wow I am not at all LOL, been quite busy in the shop, which is a good thing, but as I am training to be an educator as well, I need a vacation by now :)

    I cannot believe your month either, you must have something gooooooood waiting for you!!! I really hope you can see your way out of this.

    If you want the powders just send a PM with your adress, and I will send it, I have sparetips for the nailtrainer as well. I never use it anymore, so it is just left there collecting dust, so much rather send it to you.

    Sending massive hugs and positive thoughts xxx
    Hi hun are you using dream acrylics??? I could see from the proile you were training with Essential nails... But I honestly cannot remember if you are qualified with them by now. If using dream I have some high white and high pink in big cans, I can send them to you?? xxx
    Oh yeaj not long til your 30 too!!

    Glad you got some training sorted out! I dont do many acrylic now - its mainly gel and minx nails and loads of eyelashes!!!

    Hope the move went well - i will be moving next year myself with simons job which is going to be a big upheaval for me and will mean starting all over again with clients!!!

    Hope your training goes well

    Hi love thanks for the birthday wishes! Big 30 now! Argh!! Haven't been on here for a while have been so busy! How is everything with you!? Have you done your training yet? Xxx
    A bit late I know but I've only just seen the birthday wishes from you,so a BIG thank you & HUGS on it's way.

    Thank you for your kind words... well i have done 10 nails now i have to paint 5 of them....i,ve been painting my own nails for at least 25 yrs yet when i paint the nail trainer ones they always look naf and i struggle not to get to near the cuticle..hey ho . . pratice pratice...have a good weekend.
    Hi ya, thanks for friemd request, i dont come on here as much as i used too anymore ....i see your not far from me and thinking of using nfuoh, its fab stuff and great support and help.....if you do start using it and need any help or info n i can help hun i will ,just drop me a message .....haze x
    its sounds lovely, right up my street!! not been to the wedding yet, its tonight after work.. i have a mad rush to get home, showered, do my hair and get ready in just over an hour! x
    Wow where have u moved from/to? All is good in the hood here, i now have 4 weekend clients.. (they are my old clients who i did years ago so its nice for them to come back to me).

    I have a wedding tonight so looking forward to that x
    Hiya, just checking in.. notused this for a while (addicted again now), how are your courses going? x

    not at the moment. It allows you to pick and choose only the colours you want rather than someone elses choice if you know what I mean. I can tell you the top sellers if you wish.
    Hey there thanks for stopping by and being my first visitor, and yep I didnt get any more ink for a year after that one!!!! what ink do you have yourself? again good to hear from ya...
    Hi hun
    Sorry to be a pain and ask this but have you posted it yet? I'm starting to wonder if you havent got the right address
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