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  • Hi Bronzewolf. Here is the comparison you asked about :)
    More Gelish “Love in Bloom” Comparisons
    I really like your bellas vampire and chocolate mix! How did you paint this? Like 1 coat bella then sweet chocolate, or vice versa? or did you mix them first?
    The most recent pic in my nails 2 album is simply mauv-elous. I think its a pretty good representation of the colour. Its more pinky than exhale i think but i dont have exhale. I have seen it on a client but never purchased it. Otherwise i would do a comparison pic for you :( x
    Hi,I used Bio Sculpture Gel Remover & wrapped in foil & heated mitts. Exactly like I do for Bio Sculpture.

    I couldn't tell you if it has polish in it or if it is just a thin gel with lots of pigment in it,but it does apply as a Gel Polish.x
    Hi, I finally got to soaking off the Gelicuure after just over 4 weeks. It came off beautifully & their was no staining to the nail plate. I had used A La Mode.

    It does seem to be the Bois De Rose that stains the nail slightly yellow which I hope they can sort out as it is a really lovely colour.x
    Hi Bronze - I have just started to use gelish in work and Im not sure what you mean by a dry brush or when this use? I thought I was suppose to wipe off base coat before polish - when is dry brush used and which brush do you use?? Thanks so mch - and we are having tough time soaking it off compared to shellac - do you recommend filing top coat always? Thanks
    How would you compare Gelish & Shellac to Akzentz Options. I know they are different but just wondered which you have found lasts best?
    Hope you are having a nice weekend... mine's been pretty busy... have been working through most of it lol... how's the weather in Hereford? We had a bit of a rain storm in Shrewsbury earlier this afternoon...
    You are welcome. Glad you accepted it will be nice to exchange info there! You're not too far from me I think. I'm in Gloucester. xx
    na not yet hun, had to buy shellac, next is berins wax & new heater lol will do eventually though :D xx
    Hi Babes! Yes the salon is doing great although I'm exhausted trying to juggle that and college. Hope you are well. You are welcome to come visit. It would be great to catch up xx
    yes thats after washing colour guide off, I only wash with water apart from face bits and pits lol xx
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