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    Bio Seaweed gel!

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    Nail varnish brands

    Nubar goes on nicely and have some great sparkly ranges
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    What price should I charge for ASP gel polish?

    phone around your local beauty salons and find out how much they are charging, that will give you a rough idea
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    Problems with new Gelish collection

    Even though Gelish have a great colour range, they are one of the gel polish lines that are the most inconsistent in viscosity. They go from very thick like the house of Gelish collection to very thin like the All about Glow collection that requires almost 5 coats to get good coverage. I dont...
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    How much do you charge for Gelish?

    £27 for a gelish and Regelish
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    Acrylic sculptured nails Lincoln area

    Thank you Gigi I have contacted her :-)
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    Acrylic sculptured nails Lincoln area

    Hi I'm looking to have my nails done. I prefer them to be sculptured and a short ear stiletto shape. Does anyone do them here in Lincoln? Thanx Shirley
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Vinylux dark lava and loving it! Sent from my HTC Desire S using SalonGeek
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    Bluesky shellac facebook page, report!

    There are hundreds of gel polish companies out there RE: Bluesky, CCO, etc and they are clear with their name, its not a CRIME. However its up to the you the CONSUMER to be aware of what you are buying and research. enough into the product
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    Do you ever worry about germs?

    I tend to wear gloves for doing pedicures you can use latex or nirile, its perfectly acceptable and i think that clients quite like the idea that your being hygenic.... the same goes for doing manicures i have seen alot of videos on you tube with people using gloves and i don't think it comes...
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    Goodbye Gelish, hello Shellac?

    You DONT need to remove the shine prior to gelish application, never have You DONT need to dry brush and.... You DONT need to break the seal when soaking off and to be honest that takes about 10 seconds.
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    You know you are addicted to nails when .....

    When you look at someone's nails and can name the colour they are wearing Sent from my HTC Desire S using SalonGeek
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    Best manicure/Shellac table lamp?

    either of these 2 are good and dont take up alot of space on the table if you get a round one like for crafting it can get in the way.
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    Gelish - Princess Tiara

    worst colour i ever bought to be honest.
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    Best manicure/Shellac table lamp?

    From the daylight company.... Best purchase ever made. Get daylight lighting/bulbs Sent from my HTC Desire S using SalonGeek