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  • I always do soak offs for every new application so possibly thats why your gels are so difficult to remove because I never do backfills.

    I always use Bio Gel Remover to soak off & havent felt the need to try Dsolve.. The gel does stick in Little patches but only only certain customers who have dehydrated nails... (I usually put the foils back on for a couple of minutes to sort the last bits out) ... Where gels are awkward to remove then its usually because there nails are dehydrated & they have white patches on the nail which don't go when you use a nail brush. These patches disappear once the nails dry. Bit like you having a bath & your hands turning white from being in water too long, but then returning to pink within the hour. Until I found out this, I too was gently buffing - not such a good idea. Best thing to do is leave them, put on a usual application of gel for a French & inform the customer that they need to use Cuticle Oil twice a day (or SolarOil as everyone on here has since recommend)... If it bothers you then the new pot of Pink Foundation Gel may well be in order as a good concealer for nail biters & also good to cover the blemishes.(Scrubfresh wont do anything to assist with the white).
    Thanks for replying! We had a 4g pot of flexi-gel when I was doing a couple of days in a salon. I tried it a couple of times but didn't really give it a chance I suppose. I will add this to my order as I have to put one in tomorrow anyway.

    I do break seal on S-gel by buffing. I think it may just be after 1 or 2 backfills it's more difficult, and then you will have the old layers of S-gel sandwiched in.

    I will try the lick layers, although truth be told 95% of my clients have French so the coverage needs to be good- I wouldn't say I do them very thick as I like them to look natural.

    Do you use Bio Sculpture to soak off? As it can take so long, I have ordered CND DSOLVE which was recommended on here, but not come yet. I find a couple of things frustrate me with soak offs:
    1. The gel on the tips seems to stick on for dear life (Little patches). Occasionally I leave it for it to grow out, as the nail can get thin if I buff. 2. After soak off, there are white patches on the nail which don't go when I use a nail brush. So I find myself having to gently buff them, which I don't think is good. But if I leave them they show through on a French. It tends to happen with my long term gel users. Do you think scrub fresh will solve this?
    Hi, was just reading a thread you did about Bio Sculpture. Have all your problems been sorted since you started using scrub fresh? and do you just wipe it over the nail? I have just purchased some as having a few problems with lifting and just wanted to see if you'd recommend anything else. Also, (sorry for all ?s) which gels do you use as a final coat now? I'm reluctant to use clear gel because when I backfill it's too delicate to buff. I mostly use S-gel, but nightmare to get off. Thanks for reading.
    HI thanks for your reply, i just had a few things to ask about biosculpture. i had bought in gelitz as a nail colour guide but its not had great review although i find it ok, do you find the biosculpture colour gel good..? i wanted it to overlay for strength but with the added benefit of colours too if possible. x appreciate your reply thanks x
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