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  • Whoops, i though i got the heart for the comment as thats not my work:o
    Its only-me who done them i just put comment on.
    Ohh so do you get good holidays as well as gorgeous nails? x x;)
    Hiya, was thinking of you. It's bee really good, really busy.
    I'm recovering now, found it really tiring!
    What wee you exhibiting?
    ah not enough pennies this year :( you will be fine, sending lots of luck your way x x
    Ohh exiting, well hope all goes well, wish i was going maybe next year i will :) x x
    Thank you so much for getting back to me, I have already put a few in my basket! Before I go to checkout though can you advise me on base and top coats for the Layla polishes please? Picchi mentions Nfu Oh aqua base in a lot of her posts but i cant seem to find that anywhere except on fleabay! xx
    Hi there, I got your name from Picchi's profile and I hope that's ok. She states that you sell Layla Holographic polishes here in the Uk and I was wondering how I would be able to buy some please? xx
    OMG I am exhibiting at Olympia - SCARED!!! Please come and visit me so I am not all alone xx
    Got it this time thanks :) Set B....is the scraper metal or plastic? Also what the difference between the single stamper and the double ended? (apart from the double ended being double ended lol) xx
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