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    Please help, customer won’t leave me alone!

    Sometimes lady you just can't pls all the people all the time..key point you raised that how busy and you know everybody in your town etc ..won't some or more know this crack pot to. If so don't sweat the small stuff. Personally I'd just tell her to duck off. Right to her face until she realises...
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    Pre pig?

    Hya ..not sure if you have sorted out the pre pig issue . Simple rule of thumb.. 6 inches of orange concentrate 1 inch of red pigment concentrate Approx 80ml of kettle boiled water ..whish it to mix Towel up client Section all the hair and with a sponge apply the liquid mix to the blonde...
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    Anyone else almost done with this industry? Thanks Covid

    Hiya...I cut hair and have done for 41 years... I left my industry after 20 years ..cut my last cut ..had five salons in partnership and I walked away from it all..felt like a tax collector and a nurse to all those staff issues and failed to enjoy it ..I doubted myself in a competitive way as...
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    Anyone else almost done with this industry? Thanks Covid

    Cmon lady... 51 full of talent and experience along with a skill set you just can't buy..when they open the gates again.send in a trooper (a spy) and see exactly what they do differently if any at all better than you... You if poss go with sit n watch. This will cure your curiosity 🙂...always...
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    Chemically straightened perm

    No worries Defo not a female doing hair in the family Cheers
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    Chemically straightened perm

    Hey Alan...your from a place two brothers in the game grew up in your area... Steven and Terry Hammill ..do u know either of them ..I worked with them both
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    Chemically straightened perm

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    Chemically straightened perm

    Hi ..read your post and some good advice in other replies..curve ball here, be it you know how to perm but not sure on the new ones available to straighten on the market..would it be possible to just do a loose big rollers perm to create a much softer after ..just a thought (assuming she has...
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    Wella Colour Touch advice needed

    Hi ..I'm not a Wella user..now n then little pieces, however if I understand your question correctly ..u can put a colour refresh or similar on both towel dried and dry hair ...just simplify it in your head ..peroxide with open the cuticle and deposit colour wet or dry as that's it's purpose to...
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    Colour gloss

    hi ... regarding your query about glossing..colour fresh defo will refresh like you know already...pre or post colour application...getn rid of yellow tones in foils or bleaching etc..their are anti brass or anti yellow ( primers ) like before your putting on make up..a few mins of the Amit...
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    Colour gloss

    If I may suggest ...forget the wording gloss...think of it like lipstick and lip gloss Both have the same colours available but one is harder / stronger to take off...shall we say :) So colour touch will lip gloss the hair ..refresh it and make it sh
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    Feel stuck between a rock and a hard place and like a thief!

    Apply for a bounce back loan ..u can so it more easily through opening an account through lyolds or Halifax bank as they are the same Ring them up they will tell you the way to apply ..u will get 25% approx of your declared turnover before tax I think ..either way do it now as it's stopping by...
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    Looking for chair rental in Chester or Cheshire and local areas to if any pop up pls let me...

    Looking for chair rental in Chester or Cheshire and local areas to if any pop up pls let me know. Tia