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  • Good to see you yesterday at Pro Beauty Jen, if only very briefly. Take care hun
    Happy Birthday Jen! Sorry I didn’t catch you at Pro Beauty London in Feb, but you were very busy demonstrating and I didn’t want to interrupt ;-)
    No worries - you EAs were working triple hard!! It was such a good weekend, I loved it!!

    Yep, I'll defo be up to see you soon. Although my Master Painter is now done (whoop), I definitely want to do my Minx and L&P Conversion, so I'll be in touch. xxxxx
    Hope it wasn't too late when you got home Monday. Lovely to meet you. Thanks for the tip about the glue. x
    Hi Jen

    Had a great day! Your training has really inspired me. Thanks for your support & help with the French manicure. X
    Hello BusyBee32,
    I told her i could do these nails (putting all my conficidence in Nailgeek) :)
    So thank you so much for taken your precious time to help me out.
    I will see the client tomorrow, when i do her mams nails with acrylics. The appointment can not be set before monday 25° march.

    Thanks again,
    I'm contacting you, because Geeg said you would surly be able to advise me on how to create these blue nails.
    I'm a mobile nailtech in Belgium, working with CND only (Brisa, Brisa Lite Sculpting & Smoothing, Shellac, L&P, all additives and glitters).
    A new client (to be) mailed me this picture. She wants all her nails done like the blue.
    How do i achieve this with the products i use?
    The thin golden line is a sticker i think, so i will buy this online.
    Thanks in advance for your time and advice,
    Good morning my sweetness! Miss you and thank you for helping with the BL sil Art thread. XX plus congratulations on the great feedback from your student! X
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