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  • Man, there is always something eh? I havent looked too much at FB because I HAVE FELT SO ROTTEN. I must look through the user group and catch up. Glad you are loving it and I did see your 'mock up' of the bones and muscles and thought it was fabulous ... the info will really sink in that way. LOVE it. Clever girl. Interaction always works.x
    The antibiotics have kicked in and feeling better. I certainly got a more uninterrupted nights sleep for the first time in 2 weeks. Glad it is nearly over. I'M NEVER ILL and do not take kindly to it. Thanks for asking. How is the new premesis?? Have you made a bed there yet?? lol Can't wait to hear how it all flows in your first class. xx
    Posting on the same thread at the very same time... now how unusual is that? :lol:
    I cant give you more Rep yet but wanted to thank you for clearing the confusion between the CND ITEC and Master post up for me :-) xx
    Thanks for the rep, Jen. My New Year is going well so far. Hope yours is in full swing! I thought of you when we booked in a CND Educator. Wished it could've been you.
    No worries, and you're welcome for the rep. I hope 2012 is a better year for you :hug: xx
    Hi, I was just being nosy at your pictures on your facebook page, your nails look amazing, im in Peterborough too, whereabouts are your new premises? Good luck with it all x
    Congratulations!! I just saw on FB. Looks great. Guess ou are going to be busy over the holidays!! lol Nice busy though .. exciting to have your own space now. XXXX We leave in the car on Sunday for the UK and Christmas with the family!!!
    Haha! It's jet lag! Just got home from San Diego this afternoon. Had a nap, now WIDE AWAKE! Good time to get some work done ;) xxx
    Moley twin :D Mine always ends up in my pictures.... I think it's a bit of a show off ;) xxx
    They were definitely dry, as they'd been left over 24 hours. I'd put them in a little pot on top of the mantle in the lounge, it's freezing in here so don't think that is it either. Boo hoo!! Will try again xx
    Made LOADS of those abalone decals, put them in a little pot and they have all stuck together in one big lump :sad:
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