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  • oh wow! What a big move! How are you finding it? All is the norm on my end. By "the norm" I mean crazy and chaotic but I'm used to it hahaha xx
    Oh no I did it again! Im rubbish at this messaging on here, Facebook is easier lol! Well the flats are nice and big especially as you don't have kids lol! You should be able to run your business from your spare room as they are mostly 3 beds. Yes Ill defo sort your brows out, I love doing them! Yep love being busy just really to get away from the kids a couple of days a week restores my balance with the world lol! Hope it all goes well for you and Ill keep you updated as and when we here anything with our move xx
    Thats great you will be there in September, we will be back in November. They were just building all the new houses when we left as the majority if MQ's were flats in Bergen. Although the flats were nice and big it was a mission being on the top floor with a baby and a dog, so I hope we get a house this time. So where have you put in for? Actually Wohlde is nice and they are big bungalows, but are a bit out the way. We used to live on Seymour Strasse which was a good location with the schools and shops. I would love to set up a room in our MQ but with 2 kids and a dog its not possible, so I am defo hoping to rent a property and then you can come and rent a space if you want? I like Gellux but Im gonna go with Shellac and Minx just because the brand is so big. Dont know where I posted that reply then, I can't get my head around this site lol!
    Hi Butterfly, sorry for the delay I am new to Salon Geek and didn't know I had a message! I know we are supposed to be pulled out in the next few years but the regiment have been in Hohne for 14 years and I just can't see it happening any time soon. I am looking forward to going back to Hohne after 2 years in the UK so I hope we don't get kicked out of Germany when Im planning to go back with a beauty business for all those wives lol!
    Did you do mobile beauty in Fally or a Salon? How did it work out?
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