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  • We moved out last July and have been doing lots of work on house and land, I have been a builders assistant, so only doing a few clients at moment!! Hope to get more now the weather is getting warmer!! Do you work from home?
    Hi Naomi,
    thanks for friend request. I am in small village just outside Huercal Overa, so we are about 130Km apart! Hows business for you?

    Jo xx
    Hiya, thanks for your message! I don't do brisa or gel nails I'm afarid, I only do CND liquid and powder!
    Hi hon, I am living in Monda, very close to Marbella, Costa Del Sol. I have added you as a friend :biggrin:
    You're very welcome, sometimes it's easier for other people to see the tweaks and we can't see it when they're right under our noses LOL
    We're muddling through, still waiting for a buyer so we can move back. How are things for you guys?
    :hug: xxx
    So far all of my clients are Maltese. It's give or die here at the moment. I hadn't planned on asking her for extra money for the trip then my hubby said "your going all that way and not getting extra for it?! A plumber asks for 20 euros before he even walks in the door!" So I thought ok he's right, but after asking her I said in my head, "oh no he's wrong" :eek: :lol: I'm afraid I might have lost her as a client even though she made an appointment with me for 2 weeks time. :confused: I guess you live and learn. But I don't think I'll go out again just for a repair job.
    Btw I love your orchid nails. I love orchids. The nails are gorgeous too. But the pictures came out real nice, very professional :D
    Yeah I know what you mean. Most of the geeks are either from UK or USA. How are things going for you? Me still starting out it's hard to know how much to give in to clients. Like Sat I went to a client who lives kind of far just to fix 2 broken nails. When I told her the extra charge for taking the trip she was shocked that I would even ask for extra. It's not like she had a full set or refills it was just for 2 nails. The cost alone for the nails wouldn't cover the cost for petrol. :rolleyes:
    Hola amiga...
    How things? sorry about coffee on monday! Have you any plans for the weekend?
    As you can see I now have the bug!!! lol:D
    Hello Butterfly100 from Butterfly9! You just caught my eye as i've never seen another butterfly! Just thought i'd drop by and say "HI" :o)
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