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  • hi hun, im fine, just getting a few more people mobile now, got married and now been a wifey for 7 weeks, how is your course, and have you seen my website x
    Hi there, just worked out how to reply! No I don't get many requests for paraffin on knees, just that lady although I've got to say it made a big difference to her arthritic knee so I will be offering it a lot more. I do loads of hands and feet as part of my luxury manis/pedis though! x
    Only bout 7 months, but i did it this way as i do not want a lot of fuss, only 8 of us including me and my man x
    Im fine too, just got back from turkey been there for 2 weeks but it was so hot 44 deg and 25 at night. Good tan though. Back to work and practising nail;s now and getting sorted for my wedding in 4 weeks x
    Don't know yet, think I'd like to maybe move onto beauty later on but for now nails will do me. Going to try and get at least one or two conversion courses done within six months, and then become a grand master and take over the world!! Oh sorry, is that a little too much? x
    Am just looking forward to geting started, got my books coming this week and am gonna stick my head in them for the next coupla weeks .... what do you do fulltime?? x x
    Eventually yea if i get good enough!! am a proper crank when it comes to my nails and hair so me mum thought it might be something that i'd be good at!! x
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