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  • I am already!! Don't do any work in work, am either on here or Facebook! How long av u been doin nails then? x
    Ahh im sure i will love it lol!! I have just started doing it full time but have been doing it for 2 years now. How about u? x
    Thanx for my warm welcome I can tell I am going to get addicted to this site already! How long have you been on here for? x
    hey hunni

    thank u for the comment on my album hopefully uploading a few more soon.
    how r u? x
    i trained at nsi in manchester. Got my practical exam in september. What trainig are you doin ? Finding models is the big mission ha . x
    Thankyou butterflydancer. Ihave done 8 more since that one and they are so much better practice practice . i love it. x
    Yea, me too, I was speaking to the lady that did mine and she said that included in the price is the tent and kit-so wouldnt be that bad.
    I know-cant wait lol!
    it definetly is all about the tan!!!!

    Yea it does look funny, me and other half watched 'teeth' last night, abit 'b-rate' but still pretty good.

    Oh right, the beauty academy-any good??
    Hi, did you train with creative???

    I work at the weekends, but looking forward to monday as going to chessington :)

    I have had a spray tan tonight so am looking very brown!

    I am based in saltdean near brighton, how about you?
    those self service tills are supposed to be quicker but they're not lol, when I have the patience and I'm brave enough I give it a go lol
    Yes I am really relaxing, been in most of the time day went out to do the food shopping :eek: and now I am exhausted :):lol:
    Hi, well pink is the best colour!!!
    Well ive put leaflets around and done some advertising, so its just a case of waiting till the calls come in (hopefully) :)
    I see your doing beauty as a bonus-are you finding it a good money-earner???
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