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  • I do eyelash and eyebrow tinting, mani and pedi, waxing, make-up, facials, am going to go mobile, but i enjoy nails more, i charge reduced rates and if i practise nails my mates normally keep me in wine x
    Hi shocking pink ,thanks for the message .lol it is a bit darkish the nail is ok but i feel i can do better ..usually do airbrush nail art & still to put art in album.
    I was excited when I got started and I still get excited about doing someones nails. I just love this business. I have 5 children in total, so lots of fun in my house.
    my daughter is 4yrs old. I can't remember how I changed it I will get back to u on that one.
    Thats brilliant, where are you in the uk, do you intend to do more courses with them, i thought they were really good x
    Hi, how are you getting on and where did you train , i did Beauty courses at the Beauty Academy in Birmingham and then Nails at The Carlton Institute at Exmouth x
    Hiya ! i also see you love dance my 9 year old daughter is really into it and i dont have a clue !! so will come to you for answers ha ha ! how do i do the colours then ?
    thank you butterflydancer :hug:, how are you? I can see you are a newbie, welcome to salongeek, I hope you enjoy this site more than me lol. Hang around and you will learn a lot
    Thank you hunny :) It's such a lovely feeling isn't it! Onward and upward and I will free the world from fuzz, lol! x
    The pink is good my daughter loves it, where are u based. I love doing maincures and pedicures. I did a set of acrylic enhancements for a nail biter just over a week ago and I had to do her infills yesterday. She said they looked better than the original set I did, so happy. xxx
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