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  • Hey, yeah its all going ok here, im in a salon 2days a week now and things have really started to pick up . Im here if you ever need a chat , i know what its like being on your "own" when your trying to do nails and build up clients,and look after the kids, ive thought about giving up a few times!! its not easy but things will pick up n get better when word spreads, good luck tho with whatever you decide to do
    Hiya, Thanks for the message. Sadly, the credit crunch has slowly eaten into my businessso i have taken a part time job at my daughters school. How are things your end?x
    I have not got it finished yet, the weather has been so wet & then the snow!!
    I have got the electrics and a laminate floor in now, and my dehumidifier has been in since last weekend to dry it out.
    It's not wet, but the wood has been a bit damp with all this wet weather.
    I will be taking some more pics this weekend and hubby id fitting the blinds tomorrow.
    I've also got to sort the pathway outside to it to make it 'safe' for clients, which will get done this week as hubby has a week off from today!
    I'll put some more pics in my album on sunday.
    Scratch mag are going to run a feature on it when it's done!!!
    I've just seen on another thread you are from Diss. My cousin lives in Diss and I'm in Oulton Broad. Do you work in a shop or mobile?
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