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  • CC-thanks for getting back so soon. Making a supply purchase with a lot more confidence. I"m thinking about using Vitagel recovery under my structure instead of the foundation in hopes it will be stronger for acrylic damage. Have you used it, and if so, in what instances are you doing so? Also, I googled PNI-very little on this brand. Who supplies these products or where do you get them???

    As to aftercare, fragrance free lotion? Which lotion is awesome enough to sell that has no fragrance? Just worried I won't be able to sell without filling the senses.
    Thanks again CC. I will purchase the much needed tools to help rid the nail plate of all that cuticle. It will save the nail NOT to buff at each application of Gelish. Not to mention the savings on the buffing file. This is all getting much more expensive than my acrylic business was, so any savings is welcomed. Incidentally, I'm looking for a lint free wipe more reasonable than the IBD one and also a recommendation on a good buffing block for the natural nail. Everything is so expensive!!!!! I heard the Harmony 100/180 rock, but the price! Which pusher/spoon tool do you use?
    CC-thanks for the info. One more question I wanted to pass by you-I've heard on this forum several geeks who do not buff the natural nail as part of their Gelish routine. Some even for go the use of PH bond and simply push, cleanse, foundation, color and top it off. What are your thoughts on this?
    Hello sweetie it came today, so me being blonde, the primer non acid that ok i ordered the correct one do you paint that over the nail bed and the tip to then huni xx
    Howdy chuck how's you? I have ordered pro bond non acid primer will that be ok don understand that and the ph bond xxx
    Hello hun how's you? I hear you use harmony builder gel do you clean then phbond then do you use acid free primer and would I be able to use top it off xx
    Hi! I can't find the join group to join the gelish lovers group, please help. I am able to post on a thread but not start up one.

    Hiya fab album by the way, I noticed you had a pot for your pedicures, where did you get this from,and also where did you get the rocks from to huni,x
    Hi. Just been looking at your gelish photos and they are fantastic. I am learning Gelish on Sunday. Just wondering where you get all your nail art from, the stickers and glitter etc. x
    Me too I switched everything. I have gone back to Young Nails for acrylic and gel and have tried their ManiQ colour which is great although short on colours at the moment. I found Polish Pro disappointing to be honest with you, I found it to be very thick and the brush wasn't great or the finish. I am looking at Artistic at the moment and received my first 2 bottles this morning so will be trying that. Looks nice and thin in the bottle so hopefully with their wide range of colours I will be sorted again. xxx
    Thanks for posting about the statement from Danny in the U.S. I had heard that there was to be an at home touch up thing but didn't dare say anything until it had been confirmed. I am furious having referred so many people to this brand. xxx
    Hi, thanks for your comment on my thread about pigments to mix with. Just a quick question, what website do you use to buy the Coastal Scents pigments?
    I'm a wee weaklin so dont know if I'd manage lol I'll maybe go into shop bags and all see if I can carry it, with nail bag, lamp and light bag, wax bag and tan bag :D thanks for the info xx
    hey just saw ure post on the back posture, just wondered if its a fancy lightweight kneeling stool you have for mobile? just as I can only find standard ones which are a bit bulky for me with everything else I have to carry :( lol Sarah xx
    Oh great idea! I am always worried that they will bleed off with the gel or L&P
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