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    Hi Hun, what was the outcome of the crazy lady trying to sue you? Hope it turned out in your...

    Hi Hun, what was the outcome of the crazy lady trying to sue you? Hope it turned out in your favour x
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    Lash artist/hair extensionists & hairdresser required

    Self employed positions in Essex with competitive rental rates. The Salon caters to a younger clientele. Free promotion through all social media channels, refreshments for clients, Salon waiting area and all bills included. Self employed positions only which effectively means you are responsible...
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    Essex room for rent within salon

    Hey guys, Currently relocating to new premises and the fit out is almost complete! ( photos going up soon within the next few days) Room to let - 9ft x 8ft Would suit a variety of uses lashes/ hair extensions/nails. Includes : -luxury waiting area in main reception, tea/coffe/ beverages for...
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    Do I need a licence to serve alcohol?

    I’m currently having my new salon fitted out and spoke to someone from the liscencing department about this. I was told to do so would be illegal and that you need some kind of temporary liscence to serve it, he then added that they are starting to come down hard on salons that do...
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    Fabulong or Euphoria One?

    Love the Brazilian weft as a cheaper alternative to RC - The attached photo is Brazilian after 2nd refit,which is a favourite with my younger clients I think because it swells (poofs.....if that’s even a word?) . Tried Fabulong but prefer Remi Cachet Elegance as my higher end extensions.
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    Advice on hair extensions suppliers

    Euphoria one for their Brazilian or Russian. Angelslocks- Remi Cachet- Angel Remy x
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    Help, 26" or 30" hair needed

    Transform have just started doing 25-26 inch hair, not sure if it is just in the mongolian though x
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    Euphoria One extensions

    I use them all the time, if you want to pop over to my insta page there’s loads of photos of Euphoria’s Brazilian on there - @ramagehairextensions_essex Xxx
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    Angel Remy stock issues

    Good evening everyone, Has anybody else noticed that angel Remy have been out of stock for over a month on certain shades? ( shade 2 in particular) it's such a shame, really love the quality of their hair but I think I may have to drop them as a supplier as their stock levels are absoloulty...
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    Euphoria One, how many grams?

    I use Euphoria a lot, but only the Brazilian range, had no problems at all and hair usually lasts a good 12 months x
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    Late-comers to hairdressing

    I'm 41,finished my training last year and haven't looked back! I somehow found myself at university studying and training to be a qualified nurse in my earlier years, decided I'd had enough and entered the hair industry, it's something I honestly wished I'd done years and years ago. Having only...
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    Hair extensions

    It's usually a good idea to ask different suppliers for samples so that you can test them and decide if you like them or not, this can take some time. It's also worth considering to have a budget, mid range and high end option for clients. Try to be as professional as,possible, order some...
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    Tiny tips

    I use their tiny tips all the time (but with the smaller micro ring). I find they degrade much quicker if clients have been using too much heat whilst drying near the bonds (makes them kind of squishy), or, if clients have been letting their hair air dry,I can usually tell if the latter is the...
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    Hair extension recommendations

    Remi Cachet, Angelslocks, Euphoria one for their Brazilian and Angel Remy for their Indian x
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    Hair extensions on damaged hair yes/no?

    If I have a consultation with a client that has moderate to severe chemical damage, I refuse, only because the damaged hair will make the extensions stand out like a sore thumb because of the difference in texture x