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  • Your probably busy making cheese scones so I won't delay you. LOL. Lovely to meet you and we must go to the next event to have the craic. x
    The new shellac art and styles which covers additives are on the system babe, next date is 28th of sept, 26th Oct, 30th nov, and 28th dec. xoxoxo
    Hi sweetie, yes we will be doing an additives course just waiting to get it all sorted with head ffice then I will put some dates up on the system, the master painter date is the 4th of september. xoxoxox
    Hello you! Of course I'd love you to come and try Gelish out, would be great to meet you.

    I'm glad the home salon is going well and well done for persuading your clients to come to you. Is it going well? The salon is coming along nicely. I still haven't had to advertise, I'm getting good recommendations and word of mouth is working well as usual. Hope to bring the beauty side in when I can get my bum in gear! xx
    Ooh, sounds brilliant. I am so looking forward to the piccies!! I've been thinking, I'm growing my nails out and when they get to a decent length, I may have to pop over to you for a little pamper session, that's if you would be willing to have me ;)

    I do like Gelish and must admit I'm rather taken with it. My sister could never keep Shellac on her nails and I think it was because she uses a lot of medicated creams for a skin irritation, but I put Gelish on her last week and it has not chipped or anything and still looks as good as new, something which Shellac wouldn't - it usually only lasted a day or two on her before it had chipped! I think because it's a gel polish it holds better on flaky nails, and especially means you buff the shine of the nail it helps to remove any flakes too. xx
    Hey hun, I saw on a thread that you mentioned your home salon is nearly ready. I bet you are so excited, can't wait to see it! xx
    Oh Claire, I'm so sorry. I thought I had replied back to you!!

    How is the garage now, is it any nearer to being completed yet? I bet you can't wait until everything is in place and it looks fabulous. I'm glad the Shellac is going better for you too.

    My place is nearly done, but now I'm having some wobbles about it all. Oh well if it goes belly up at least I can say I have tried. :)
    Wow that is absolutely brilliant news about the Shellac. I hope you can make them regulars and get the hooked. Shame the garage will be the last bit done, but it's getting there so that's great - bet you can't wait!! You will definitely have to put some pictures up. I didn't get to go to Olympia, I have -£ in my bank so definitely couldn't afford it. I heard the new colours are lovely?

    I had the all clear from the council a week back, and I heard yesterday from my solicitors that all going well *touch wood* that I should get the keys on Monday, then I can move in and get decorating.
    Really? Oh, don't say that! Will have to start thinking about going mobile again if it all goes wrong, so got to look at both sides now. It's a shame it's going to take that long but at least you have the fun of decorating it still to come and buying all the pretty things, that's what I'm looking forward too lol xx
    Hi Claire, I'm in the same position as you really with the Shellacers. Holiday treatments but no regulars. I'm still waiting to hear from the Council, I called today and was told they hadn't made a decision yet. Argh! Good luck with the building work, can't wait to see how it turns out, you will put some piccys up won't you? xx
    Hi Claire, Thanks hunni. Yes Im now an educator for CND went to bootcamp in May. I have dates booked for classes which I am so excited about. Have sorted the venue with City college here in town center, its an amazingly perfect venue. All the dates that I have at the moment are on my website. www.tips-2-toes.co.uk. I also do 1-2-1s. teach from beginners upto masters its amazing how much things have changed in the last ear for me. Loving every minute of it. So yes you can book your classes with me hunni. xxxx :hug:
    No problem, I know how it is. Yes, let's see if we can do something, and invite Claire too. There may be others in this district who'd like to get involved.
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