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  • I totally understand the stamping mania and wish to buy. I stalked auctions on ebay for quite some time :o

    I just wanted to let you know that quite a few of the plates I use, are not actually konad.
    I have two of the big SdP big plates (A & B) which I really love. And I also have the latest BM plates (a little mhe but for the price absolutely fantastic).
    The hounds-tooth design is konad though :D
    Hey there =D
    Thank you for the kind comments. If you like the look of stamping, come and join the Konad group. There's lots of pics and the forum is really quite active =D
    Hi like I said it was on the 'Fingernail fixers' page on facebook. she is on here as well I think she is called Holly. I 'liked' her page on Facebook someone has put a link to the colours now on the post. I dont know how to do this otherwise I would have. Try to do a search on facebook for her under 'fingernailfixer' I hope this helps xx
    Sounds good, variety is the spice of life!! No I've not tried the glitter tattoos, but have done my spray tan training since the event, and really liking it, so much easier to learn than nails, lol. Went for Sienna x and its really good, been quite busy with it too.
    Haha, yeah I've got you now, sorry. Good to hear from you. I actually came home and bought that wii game and I really liked it but I'm too busy at the moment, so haven't been on it for weeks, not that I'm complaining about being busy, lol. Thanks for the comments re my nails & I'm sure you're just as good too, we're just so hard on ourselves, maybe with time we'll gain in confidence eh. So hows things with you? How you liking the Shellac? I just love it, all but 3 of my acrylic clients have now changed over and their loving it too. x
    Hi no not very good with the pc I sat next to you a dinner time I was telling you all I go on the wii and walk round my imaginary island lol your nails are absolutely fab much better than mine so you must get confident your work is to a very high standard x Oh an I am quite tall chubby and blonde my name is carolinex must try and upload a pic of my face lol
    Thanks for the message on my pics & yeah I do struggle with confidence, I never think I do a good enough job, but clients always seem happy and most of them are coming back regularly so that helps the confidence, think I'm just too much of a perfectionist, lol! Sorry but I spoke to so many people at the event, can you remind me who you are as you've no pics on your profile, lol x
    lol thankyou, thats such a nice thing to say x You'll have to tag me so i can see too (kayley cairns!). I had a dream last night i'd just bought tickets for the next one which was this year..... *sighs*... then i woke up and realised it was just a dream lol!
    Hey hunny, Im going to the event on my own too! so you wont be a billy no mates! We can be billies together! xxxx
    ur welcome I am quite a newbie my husband thinks I am obsessed with this site lol x
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