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    Do cheaper lamps work with Shellac?

    I have a spare cheap one in case mine broke. I use it to do colour pops etc save wasting bulbs on the cnd one I don't think it does cure as well as the cnd one but its fine for my colour pops x
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    Which body wrap?

    I use honey I shrunk have had fab results x
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    Are most girls breaking the law working from home?

    I have been checking up on this today and have been told by my council it's now an inviromental Heath that you need to ring which I did they sent me an application and said if I did any treatments on the list I would have to apply and they said they would come and check me out . Spray tanning...
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    Special treatments licence?

    I have been told today you need it even if you are mobile x if you do any of the treatments on the list x
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    Special treatment licence

    I have spoken to environmental health today and in my area you need it for tanning (spray) massage also for quite a bit more. I think you can check it out on your local council websites under special treatments licence. £260 ish by me I use sienna x to see if they knew they hadn't heard of it.
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    I hadn't thought about her waiting for him in France but that would make sense couldn't believe I have to wait till next week for the verdict x
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    CND The Event 2015

    Loads go on their own I did last time it's always fab x
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    CND The Event 2015

    Are the tickets on sale yet x
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    Engagment rings

    I lost my diamond in my ring and claimed of my insurance to get a new one xx
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    Any CND classes in Birmingham?

    There is an educator in Stratford way xxx
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    Lash lift pads

    I read up on it and a few said they only use small, I had started of using the medium but as most like a dramatic look have moved over to using small all the time now but I am quite new to it xxxx
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    Embarrassed by client question!

    I was told it's like when you cut an apple in half it goes brown because the air reacts with the amino acids and the sugar which turns it brown. I was told this when I was training have never checked its correct though. But every body has always excepted it xxxl lol
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    Perron Rigot Discovery Workshop

    Yes I went on one it was amazing their products are amazing too , everyone should go lol xxxx
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    Foot massage with gloves?

    Well I would normally say the same however my husband decided to lay a floor in our bathroom as he is useless I ended up doing it which gave me a massive blister on my index finger lol not a good look. I had some honey I shrunk customers in where you massage the oil in so I wore a glove as...
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    Lash lift/eyelash perming

    Yes did my first one last week loved it so much easier than with the rods xxxx