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  • Your so welcome. I am new quite new to lashes and looking for inspiration that I will get there some day. Thank you so much for sharing I can't believe the correction that you did. I would never have known you could do that - amazing! xxx
    Thank you ever so much for the rep, sorry for not messaging sooner, I have only just checked my page and found you there, Much appreciated and once again sorry for not thanking you sooner

    This was in 2009 so it's been a long time coming and I am feeling quite embarrassed now. LOL
    Hey! I have always admired your lashes and have a question. It's an issue I have always faced and have tried so many methods to correct it, but I always gets stickies when doing lashes! I have tried taping the lower lashes down, I have also tried tape AND a pad, then I've tried just a pad, but where people talk they always shift up. It's so awkward getting stickies because I don't want the client to panic, or for me to damage all of the work I have just done. Can you offer any advice? The main issue with stickies is using the debonder which just affects the lashes around it too.

    Appreciate any advice xx
    Hi just looked on your webiste.. Your lashes are amazing!! I've not been doing lashes that long and mine are not great atm :( do u have any tips at all that you think would help.. Also wat type of lashes do u use?? Would be so grateful for some advice :D xx
    You are more than welcome hunni and I am just being honest! I would love to get back to Essex and get a wee 1-2-1 from the expert lasher xxx
    Hello Hun. How are you? I'm gonna nose you pictures. xxx

    Wow they all look amazing!! Bless you see you soon. x
    Hi Kerry! How are you?

    I had Vickie on the course today and she was fab. Took to the waxing straight away and a smashing girl and great fun to be around.

    Hope you're happy and well. xxx
    Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I have looked at your pics of lashes and they are lovely. I also see other peoples and each lash looks so seperate and perfect. I have been doing lashes for years with hollywood lashes but mines just look so different and clumpy in comparison. I apply them the usual way but they end up looking quite clumpy and matt together. I was wondering if you can tell me who you trained with and if you have any ideas what could be up?xx
    Thanks for that, do you have a contact number please and website address?
    Sorry to bother you but are you still using environ? If so would you be able to give me the uk head office no and do you know if there is minimum order etc?
    Thanks in advance
    Kerry, the Ruthinator is on the case! No-one, and I mean NO-ONE gets away with initimidating MY customers like that, without receiving the full wrath of my linguistic arsenal!!!
    Yeah that does make sense thanks for replying! ive only just started lashing and i absolutley love doing them, what glue do you use? xx
    thats ok, im always having a look at your pics cos i think there fab!! so did u only use two different lengths 8mm and 15mm? x
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