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  • Hi again! Sorry that i didn't update you earlier, my training got delayed and was a bit of a nightmare! The training was first rate and the educator Liza was really good. Are you going to the Bluewater meet? If so, I can give you all the gossip then!
    Got to meet you on the 23rd cos your are in the Calgel group so is LouLou mc so please come to bluewater it will be great fun to meet some geeks. Debs X
    thanks ! be interesting to see if they arrive - i knew from the first conversation i had as soon as i told them i was a 'one man band' and not a big salon mine wern't going to turn up !!!! good luck !
    Your clear will have been cured so it won't wipe off, but you will need the brush to be a little wetter with calguard as you need to make sure you don't leave drag marks/white on the clear (if that makes sense?) Glad it went well. xxx
    Hun how did your French set go the other day? Did you have any luck using my method to get better smile line? Or are you gonna hit me over the head with a blunt instrument at the Bluewater Geek meet lol xx
    Hiya. I;ve got big apologies to make to you! I saw your message to me before about the Creative training, thought I had replied and have only just realised that I haven't! I'm so sorry, i'm a complete idiot! If you are still interested, let me know and i'll fill you in! x
    Thanks for your comment on my pic.

    It's a gel overlay (Calgel SW & natural), the flower petals and leaves are teardrop rhinestones & the centre a pink rhinestone, the flower stem was done with silver bullion beads.

    HTH It was very easy really.
    well done for sticking up for the ear candling. we have been down this road many times, and it always gets closed.
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