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  • You're very welcome... I've taken pics of Fedora layered with Red Baroness that I did this afternoon, I'll upload them later when I've got a bit more time :D x
    wow no holding you back lol. pictures please!! not sure calgaurd is ok I looked at the ingredients on the website, have you tried calguard?
    Awe, thank you babes. Hopefully be getting more in June. I've told my sister again to get LOADS and that what she got me last time wasn't actually loads. Lol. Lx
    Yes I did I spoke to a lady who I think was the boss,she had a suit on with a pink neck tie and also a lovely lady with a pink uniform on and dark brown bobbed hair.She was particularly friendly and stood behind me in the food hall before I went to see her on the stand.x
    Hiya,was at the ilash stand on sunday,really keen to train with them.Hearing good feedback.Do they do different colours?Saw some gorgeous lashes with Sworkovski(spelling,lol) crystals attached to the lashes on another stand.Soooo many to chose from but I love the ilash training price and the kit is good value.x
    Oh will do hunny! I don't think I'll make it but would luv to and you've just given me another great reason to get along there! You'll do great too! Do you teach lashes?
    Hi Kerry, I haven't tried the 14/16% so don't even know what they are like sorry. I think the colour will be the same, but just darker. I love the 10% as well :) you could try asking Steve@nouvatan as they get sent pics of fans in their tans - might be worth a try xx
    oh sshhhhiii t i am so sorry rachel is in today i will ask her, sorry been so busy kids holidy work training cooking phew super mum NOT.
    glues just not happening 4 me NL is slow and sticky and THE MOST FUMES ever
    pink top is stringy and drys a bit bitty titty .
    blue top is wonderful just like the purple and black top and it is american and not korean but it probably is korean and not american, next is ah francis which martilash likes but she still looking for a better one, i really want english one lash perfect, we will get there honey no worries we are perfectionists after all.
    oooh dont i sound like that woman, the i know it all and everything i do i am great woman, i am the best blow blow blowing her own trumpet
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